How about a vertical garden?

As mentioned in my post about container gardening, I’m trying to get some greenery happening around my place, but I don’t have much space. I've seen a few vertical gardens around town. There's one at the MCG out on one of the terrace bars on the 4th level which looks awesome. I'd love to do a hanging herb garden or something. I'm wondering how they work? I found this video about vertical gardening and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them?


Leon, unless you own the place you are in, you have to be very careful what you put up. If you are renting you would need permission to attach those to a wall.

I have thought about a couple of these for myself, but as yet haven't been convinced enough to actually go and get some.

In that pic I can see the leaf of a zucchini plant and they grow very big.  I don't think they would be very succesful in one of those little holes.

Think they would be good for herbs though.

Thanks Sandi,

I live in a commercial space, so I will need to get permission. I have a cyclone fence directly in front of the building next door to me, which a couple of weeks ago had a nice green, lush vine with pretty purple flowers. But the guy the landlord got in to sort out some vines next door decided to kill it all off. Now I have a terrible dead vine hanging loosely from the fence wire. Was thinking about the vertical garden as a replacement. Something nice to look at. But I'm worried about whether or not it will affect the bricks behind it and maybe get mouldy inside the wall of the building next door. May need to look into it further for sure.

Old Wooden Pallettes can be used to make vertical gardens with shelves for pots to stand on , cheap and can look quite attractive. Look up Wooden Pallettes+ Vertical gardens.

I think they look good but you wold have to be careful that it didn't cause a damp area, if placed on a wall


I also wanted to put them on the front of our house.  The sun sets in the West here and in the summer months it makes the bedrooms very hot late afternoon.  I thought vertical gardens with plants (cactus mainly) would stop the bricks getting hot, but was also worried about dampness.

I haven't seen any anywhere to have a look at.  I guess if you put battens up on the wall so they stood out off the wall, that would allow air to circulate behind and keep the wall dry.

You could do it on the fence as long as you put extra support in to take the load or that would be good for growing beans and peas up.  You could put containers along the fence and use it for the peas and beans to grow up the fence.


You could always have a suspended Vertical garden.

Friends of mine had a kitchen window facing an ugly wooden fence on which they installed rain water gutter vertical garden. It sure made a difference to the outlook from the kitchen sink .... made washining up dishes a far mor pleasant task :)

The gutters are angled so water flows down to the next one and hence unlikely to cause dampness beind it. This also makes it suitable for solar watering.

Abby you also have to be careful of causing any dampness at the base of the wall.

The building Leon refers to may or may not, depending on its age, have dampproofing, therefore any excess water may lay at the base of the brickwork.

He has a lot to work out.  First off he has to get permission and that's not always easy to get with some landlords, especially if he wants to drill holes into the brickwork.

For me I'm always happy to let them do most things unless it will cause problems.  If they want to do things it usually means they are good tenants.

If you put a  water pump on it .... you do not get dampness as you are recycling water from a container below.

Difficult to asses situation without pictures and size diagrams.

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