House sitting

I live in WA and am thinking about doing some house-sitting in other states.  Has anyone done this and how did it work for you?

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Hello Daisy - I've just joined this site so have just read your question!  I have been house-sitting for about 5 years now after registering with an online house-sitting website - I mainly housesit in WA (where I visit family) Northern NSW and South-East Qld (close to where I live). Some housesits have been easy where there is a gardener that takes care of the lawn, a cleaning lady once per week and NO PETS but most owners need someone to take care of all those issues!  Good luck with it all!


I don't know why the question is not put to Kory who has been doing this professionally for a number of years?

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You are just a very rude ignoramus at times Davey,you think you are you are not .You are just pitiful and should be ashamed of yourself.Wobbly



i give what I get usually with interest Wobbles

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