House Sitter for June - WA - good travel opportunity!

Glen is looking to travel for four weeks during June 2010 and is looking for someone to stay in his house to look after her two dogs.

I live in WA and have two delightful fourteen year old dogs. I went away to Bali and put the dogs in what we thought was a lovely place. When I returned Montague, a long haired terrior, had been shaved and was totally bald and unrecognisable (and clearly quite damaged by the experience!!!). Sasha, a greyhound x and very nervous, had badly fly bitten ears which took ages to cure. This was not an experience I decided I could risk again

In the month of June next year, I am hoping to go to visit a friend of mine who has just had another baby and would like to go for four weeks. To solve the problem I contacted the Dog page on the internet and through that approached three people who sounded as though they would be suitable to come and house sit for us and, of course, look after the dogs. It has taken some time to await their response (and one has not responded at all) but neither of the others can fit us in

The dogs are both 14 years old but are still interested in a daily walk. They are both delightful personalities and quite happy to stay outside when we go out. They eat around 5:30 and it is not too long after that that they settle down for the evening. They both like to begin on my bed and then Sash usually makes for the family room sofa and Mont stays with me.

The dogs are delightful and would love a daily walk. They are quite happy to stay outside when we are out and come inside when we are home. I have no doubt when I am away they will still sleep on my bed.

The house is two minutes away from a bus stop and five minutes away from the railway station. Midland is the last stop on the Perth run but the train can be caught to all suburbs, Fremantle, Rockingham and Mandurah, so the beach is also accessible and Golden Oldies receive free transport travel. The house itself is a 4 x 2 with a nice large outdoor patio. The garden is not too large and is largely full of Australian natives. There are nice neighbours over the back fence and they could be contacted for any sort of assistance. Opposite the house is a nice park, which is generally populated in the late afternoon. The house is located five minutes away from a very large shopping centre which is about to also open on a Sunday.

If you are interested, Please send an email to Glen!

[email protected]


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