Hospital coerced on super clinic

Nice Mr Rudd at it again. I bet he didn't talk about this on the Church steps yesterday!

[quote]PORTLAND hospital was rushed into signing a $4.9 million funding agreement for its new GP super clinic so the Rudd government could avoid political embarrassment, a leaked email has revealed.

Hospital management was told to sign the agreement by noon on Wednesday - just moments before shadow treasurer Joe Hockey delivered his post-budget reply to the National Press Club.[/quote]


Edit to add:
[quote]KEVIN RUDD: Okay. Three quick points. One is we believe in transparency. [/quote]
Kevin Rudd,Qand A, 8th February, 2010.

Kevin Rudd........".[i]He said no one should fear transparency, which was necessary[/i] "

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Why doesn't this surprise me.

It seems to be the way of the Rudd government to either bribe or threaten to gets its way. Remember the threat of a double dissolution that never came to be after Rudd realised his government was on the nose with the electorate and he promptly skulked away?

Thanks KOKO, more verbal bowel motions from Rudd the Rudder....................there must be a private club for labor Prime Ministers to learn how to speak in garbaged tongue.

Bob Hawke, "No child will live in poverty................... rah rah".

Paul Keating, "In my opinion, Australia is the ar.....hole of the world......more rah rah".

Gizmo, remember the howls of outrage at the supposed stifling of free speech by Howard. This govt has gone way beyond anything remotely perceived by the people that the previous govt imposed.

Also note the total lack of interest from people on this topic. It will be this very same apathy that will re-elect the Labor Govt, as it has in the States of Qld , NSW and SA .

We in Victoria are already the Nanny State, and if this Fed govt is re-elected, expect more of the same. I'net censorship for starters.




[url=]More here[/url]

[TWO more federal officials who check refugee claims have come forward to confirm they are under pressure to let more people in.

[url=]And here[/url]

The two members of the Rudd Government’s Refugee Review Tribunal say they operate under a “culture of fear”, with their jobs under threat if they reject too many claims.

Very good reading, Koko.

APATHY is a disease in many people, and I find it appalling that so many people think the ship (Australia) is cruising through placid waters with Rudd holding the rudder.

Comments I hear :-

Mining tax........".Yeah, well, like, er, they're rich and we're not so they should pay more". (Library)

Hospital Reform......."Er, well, the system's buggered an' Kevin's gunna shake it up". ( Female at a wedding last Saturday)

Pensioners Meagre Payments........."Aw, c'mon, they're always whingeing. probably got heaps of cash stashed under the bed". ( Tradesman in Bunnings)

Refugees.........." Yeah, well, the're locked away up north, so, as long as they don't live near me, give 'em a feed and send 'em back. Sink their bloody boats, I would". ( Two men in the supermarket)

Juvenile Crime.........Put 'em in the Army, that'll teach 'em". ( Pensioner in the supermarket)

Baby Bonus for Single Mothers......".Jeez, I reckon it's good, my girlfriend has two from previous boyfriends and she's pregnant again with me, gets me a few more beers, haw haw haw". ( This was said by a deadhead where my wife works)

........many more similar comments from sister-in-law's LARGE family.

If this is a cross-section of Joe and Joan Average, we will all stagnate in the same pond.

Problems cannot be solved with.................She'll be right, mate !!!!


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