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I told my niece, in her middle 60's, who is caring for her husband, over 70 with emphysema, about Home Help. They are in the Gosford NSW area. She was involved in a motor accident a few years ago, which limits her movements. She was glad to hear of it, but, although she filled in all the forms, had a telephone interview, they then said that because they had too many people applying, they wouldn't be able to help her. What on earth has happened - where is the help?


When I queried my local council on the shortage...especially in light of the unemployment figures...she explained to me that they get lots of applicants.

However, because of the strict requirements, including police and background checks, it is difficult to get enough people who fill all the requirements. I understand that, because I wouldn't want anyone coming into my home, and having the run of the house, unless I know I can feel 100% safe and secure.

Some years ago, there was an incident involving a relation of mine who had money disappear from her purse.

We do not know for sure how that money disappeared to this day. So I'm not accusing any individual.

She was 90% housebound, and this was a blow to her confidence.

Sad, but a fact of life.

Heavens with all out of work--you would think there would be many that would pass the check--just goes to show what types there are out there--very scary--but of course it is very important for anyone that works with the Elderly /Children / or Animals--to have a very good record--and also to have the right attitude and be kind and understanding.

Well, folks, come to SA, we don't have this problem here.

I have never heard of these excuises here. I have home help twice a week and my neighbour also. I have a feeling the real reason behind the excuises is that Government does not want to subsidise. If you go to an agency and pay plenty, I bet there would be no shortage.

My niece was given several phone numbers to contact, instead of the Home Help. They charged from $22 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours, up to $36 per hour. What pensioner can afford that?

Bev thats right as you say who the hell can afford that. I thought the Government did subsidise--Home help?

Like all Government help, it is undersubsidised. Various Governments have known for decades that the population is aging, so make token efforts. Under their schemes, some win and some lose, but they're not too terribly concerned about that, just that they've made the token effort.

Yes like the hospitals and the Dental--and a lot of other things that need to have more money given to them--aged care and such as well

Part of the problem is the ongoing requirement in a lot of case the requirement of a certificate in aged care or similar.

Not everybody is wishing to go to an education provider and pay upwards of a thousand dollars to get a certificate.

With the low wages paid to these people and the restrictions on the hours they can work and what they are allowed to do can also make it hard for some people to take up this work.

Also the government is burying its head in the sand over the fact that we have an ageing population who want to stay in their own homes but can not do so if they do not get help.

It would work out a lot cheaper to provide home help than have all of these people in nursing homes, aged care homes or hospital.

With not having the type of family assistance that used to be there in older slower days of society we must start to think back to the future and maybe try and get a community to care for each other , neighbours helping neighbours, high schools and universities making it a part of qualifying ,to do community service such as gardening for seniors, some schools used to do this but then cut it out.

Whilst police checks are a necessity to a certain degree if a person is involved in other charitable work then this may be all the security needed.

There is no easy answer all we can do is keep coming up with ideas and broaching the subject with our friends , families, local councils, churches , state and federal politicians and hope in time we succeed in improving the situation.

I am very happy paying $5.00 for one hour.

Long enough to do carpets bathroom and the lino/tiled floors.

There's no 'care' involved perhaps that would be a different story***


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