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Hi Guy's,

 I am new to this forum, and hope there is someone out there that can help me find a reasonably priced Ins for a holiday in Asia? I am 81 yrs old, and having a heart attack 4 years ago with a stent and a pacemaker fitted does not help me find a good price, i am very fit, i play golf and bowls most days, and I am free of any other condition and do very well for my age, (I live in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Victoria )

 Yours in anticipation,



Hi and welcome Norman

Whilst I am unable to help you in this regard

perhaps if you were to nominate which areas of Asia you are interested in then perhaps some of the members may be able to help.

What do you want to insure against..

Cheers Abby for your warm welcome, i do intend to go to Manila in the Philippines where my wifes family lives.

Cheers to you too Pete, i wish to insure against the usual holiday problems one meets up with abroad, ie. Sickness, accidents loss of luggage etc etc.

Up the top there is a heading "Travel" in that section is a heading " Travel Isurance" it might be a good place to start .

Yes Pete - a good tip and a section well worth reading.

Norman you may also like to have a look at

A web page where there is a comparison on different companies.

Sometimes your Health and Home Insurance also offer Travel Insurance

I usually use BUPA my Health Insurance when I travel overseas.

I think that you will find that BUPA does not give medical cover to anybody over 70 Abby.  Most companies don't give cover to anybody over 75.  The way to save any problems as well as a pile of money is to get a GOLD credit card from your bank & pay for your travel with the card.  All GOLD cards give automatic cover to all travel purchased with the card FREE.

Innes - even the gold and platinum card insurance is outsourced to insurers like Zurich.

you might want to call them to check fine print.

you can buy insurance for over 70's but is is pretty expensive

i don't have that problem, since I still look 35

Wow Innes thanks and you Robert I will definitely follow that up .. Always had MasterCard  gold from CBA ...

Welcome Norm3.

I am a Probus member and I know that through them you can insure up to 100 years of age.

Even with a pre-existing condition/s you are covered "as long as you get a letter from your doctor that you are fit to travel".

This may not be of any use to you but if you are by any chance a member of Probus I would definitely look into this.

If anyone else is thinking of only using their credit card travel insurance read the fine print is my suggestion.


Personally I would always take out travel insurance independent of credit card insurance;  but to each their own.  

Another bit of advice;  you will not get a refund if a family member dies and had a pre-existing condition.

Friends of mine lost all their money for a cruise when their daughter (who had breast cancer but was supposedly in remission) unexpectedly died before they departed.

I don't doubt your story in any way Radish.  BUT, I suspect that there is more to the story.  It is a common practise for travel Insurance Company's to ask if there is a pre-existing medical history & if the answer is YES, the premium is increased & or the specific illness is excluded or the Company rejects the Policy cover.

Innes, I do not know the answer to your question.  But to be quite honest, I have never thought about pre-existing conditions for" members of your family."  From memory I thought the question was  along the lines "do you have a pre-existing medical condition".

I have always just answered for myself and not given a thought to members of my family but in future I will certainly be asking more questions of the insurance company.


Another thing I read in the paper on the weekend.   If you cancel your plans because of illness of a close family member they MUST reside in Australia.  If they live overseas you are not covered.

A lot of questions need to be asked when you take out travel insurance but I suspect most never do and quite honestly do not know what questions to ask.  You only find out once you try and make a claim.


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