Holiday in Tasmania .

I am interested in going to Tasmania with an old school friend. She wants to go on the Ship from Port Melbourne to Devonport and maybe we can hire a car for about 4 days. Hoping this will be in about 4 weeks time. What I would like to know is, should we book the B & B before we go, or take pot luck and get the first available accommodation when we arrive?. We hope to motor down to Hobart and then fly back to Sydney. 

Can anyone give me some tips on the the best way to do it.  Thanks.


The couple of times we have gone to Tassie we pre-booked accomadation. That meant we spent plenty of time sight seeing and could just arrive late to where we were staying without any hassles. So much to see such a beautiful island. 

Hi Hola

Sounds a great trip. I second Vivity in saying better to safeguard and prebook. Although they say high season is from Dec to Feb, many Aussies wanting to avoid the crowds of those months go in March & April.If you're arriving in Devonport there's a nice place called cameo cottage, check it out on the internet, or I can send you a link.


Agree with others here re pre-booking.

If you head south via the west coast initially to see places like the tulip farms, Stanley and the Nut (loved it), Cradle Mountain, the Franklin River area and west coast heritage forests region ... a couple of great places we stayed were:

• Stanley – Abbey's 'The Bakery' Cottage, :) Loved the original oven ‘preserved’ in the living room.

• Strahan – to do the Franklin River area cruise > Village Waterfront Cottages

My basic recommendation is ‘stay longer’ and do the full ‘loop of Tassie’. So many great places to see and experience.

Have been twice and would love to go again with you, but I'm a worry wart and would panic if I didn't know where I was going to sleep that night. Don't miss the Salamanka markets, I think they're on a Saturday.  

We stayed in Battery Point while in Hobart easy walk to Salamanca Markets, in fact easy to walk most places we wanted to go.

Thanks folks for all the information. I have been to Hobart about 12 years ago, it is a lovely place. A friend used to have a house in Battery Point and have now bought a Vineyard in Richmond with a B & B next to it, I think we might stay there also. Let's hope the cold weather keeps at bay for a little longer.

Hola ... have a wonderful trip and :) keep us posted.

And take the bike LOL. Just kidding Hola, have a great time!

Still haven't booked it yet, a lot of humming and harring going on. I'm like an old moll at a christening. The older I get the more hesitant I become.  No room for the bike Reagan but plan on a lot of walking. Thanks.


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