Hidden Talent.

The gyneacologist had finally reached the time in his life where he could now retire and do what he had always wanted to do, "Be a motor mechanic!" He enrolled at the local Technical school in the 'mechanics class ' with all the young apprentices. at first he was worried they wouldn't accept an 'oldy' in their mechanics class but everything went alright. Finally it came to the 'EXAM' They were each allotted a car, had to disassemble the motor, for which a score of 50 was allotted, then they had to reassemble the motor, and if it started immediately would be awarded another 50. If it did not start they had failed. This had to be completed within four hours. The Doc was worried that he wouldn't keep up with the apprentices, or finish in time.
The exam started, the doc was flat out, after two hours the apprentices were finishing but the 'Doc' took all the four hours. The next day with the others he went to the notice board to see how he had fared. To his surprise he had came top of the class with a score of '150'
He found the examiner and asked how he had been awarded 150? The examiner said' you were awarded top marks for disassembling the motor and top marks for reassembling and the motor starting first time.
Yes said the Doc but was the other 50 for?? That said the examiner was because you did it all through the muffler!!! Seth.


Good one Seth - I didn't even see that coming.


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