Hey Phyl!

So tell us how your new/second hand car is going? No problems I hope. My old bus went into rather an unusual mode yesterday. Decided that it had used it's wipers too much lately. Only cost $245 to have the wiper motor replaced - UURRGGHH! Can't drive without them though.


That is a real shock I would recon Bev. $245 for the wipers to get going again but everything with a car costs and for sure you need those wipers just in case it rains but wait a minute it always rains where you are and never rains where we are lol. In the click of a light switch the States can change hey?

Our car is the lovliest car we could have bought as far as suiting us is concerned.

Lets be honest a car is a car is a car and as long as it looks o.k. and goes well dosn't matter as Con the Fruiterer says. Remember this car has all 5 new tyres. Rego for 12 months (bit less now) purrs like a kitten and very comfortable. Dark tinted windows means the air conditioner works like a dream and I could go on so I think you get the gist of the fact we like our new second hand car Bev. and thank God did not buy a lemon.

We only drive around 100k's a month now so seeing as it had just had the big service a long time until it ever needs another. We live near everything we need now as opposed to out in the stick as we previously have.

Thank you for asking matey

Glad to hear that your car is going well. We all buy with bated breath don't we?


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