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Cats , check your footy tips - you missed a game.


Bringing  this up for Cats.

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Cats will never find this with all the "Buy Passport ,Visa,Driving License,id cards (( " on this site.

I wonder how many licences these fools sell.

I wish you people would show some common decency and stop pushing this topic off the front page

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Stop panicking Gerry, Cats said she has a new computer, maybe something went wrong with it, as things do????

Send her an email..

Thanks ray - yes you are right so I sent her an email.

Don't know her email address so I left that part open, but hope she replies soon  :)

I will help you Gerry keep.it on the front page 

But as an AFL journalist attending his first Melbourne derby, the 3-0 result was only part of the theatre on a night that had everything.

Marriage proposals at halftime (Natalie said yes to Diego, she cried as the cameras rolled).

A riot of colour and movement and activity and energy, as the controversial Victory fans on the North Terrace started chanting half an hour before kick-off and literally did not stop for 150 minutes.

Let’s be honest, it was a fan experience with so much more vibrancy and atmosphere than what the AFL stumped up last year.

Beach balls flitted across the heads of fans, 70s-style flags and crepe paper flew in the stands and the chanting and singing and banner-waving just kept rolling on.


Not sure you’d get that drum into an AFL game. Picture: Wayne Ludbey

Not sure you’d get that drum into an AFL game. Picture: Wayne Ludbey


AFL football is officially chasing the world game’s tail, at least from a fan engagement perspective.

This week alone Essendon cut its cheer squad in half to provide room for an “Active Area” that will coordinate chants and generally spice up the atmosphere.

Geelong can’t even get some of its Simonds Stadium fans to take the knitted blankets off their knees, let alone stand and chant and roar for an entire game.




Cats hope you see this, still got time to get your game in ? Gerry any ruling other than straight no points if she doesn't see it, I.e. Home game being automatically entered?

Poor  Nic Nat very hard to be so high profile when faced with dealing with the loss of his mother.

Viv , there are provisions in the constitution for late entries.

Section 158 sub 15c clause j states "bad luck"

But with Cats we might make an exception (providing she pays me  :)


As Cats and I are sharing the mangos ... I put her entry in.... see


Gerry is being difficult .... trying to dupe me of my mangos :)

try the PM again Cats - that one was empty

I am feeling neglected - Cats won't talk to me

What part of a partnership do you NOT understand Gerry ?

HI ALL,    thank gerry for trying to get me,   and all the others who were yelling a me, lol,       thanks abby,   dont know whay team i missed,   but thank you for fixing it up,    you have a juicy mango coming your way,    i will get gerry or seth to deliver it,    so you know it will be safe,  lol,        YEAH for ADMIN,      SO VERY GOOD WITH THERE RESPONCE,  


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