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Thanks to a link to travel advocate Adam Glezer that Your Life Choices included in an article a while ago I am happy to report that Adam  has secured a refund for a holiday package that I was obliged to rebook last year and was again refused a refund by the agent this year. 

Adam became my white knight after my bad experience with Discover Australia and my failed attempts to secure a refund from them after almost 20 months. My funds were returned yesterday after Adam persisted as my advocate over several weeks.

Until I engaged Adam I was placed in the position of having no option but to rebook a second time with the agent. After experiencing the gruelling process of what Adam went through in dealing with Discover Australia, I discovered how unfair, unreasonable and deceitful travel agents can be, especially when I was asked to provide "extenuating circumstances" as a reason for requesting the refund of a full payment made in Feb. 2020.

Checking the T &C s carefully beforehand in 2020 did me no good whatsoever as MY booking T&Cs carried no weight when the T &Cs were changed in 2021 yet still applied to me retrospectively!

Adam never once gave up in pursuing my case while all the time keeping me buoyed up with his friendly understanding and encouragement.

Please tell at least one other person about the invaluable service Adam is providing. The exhausting work he undertakes on behalf of each of his clients reduces stress, frustration and helps desperate customers of the travel industry to get their money back from those agents who deceive, lie and deliberately employ every tactic in their arsenal to avoid acting in the customer's best interests.

There are two sides to Adam Glezer- the kind, compassionate, friendly, humorous side which understands, sympathises and totally supports and the determined, committed and passionate side that makes him an indefatigable defender of human rights.

An old friend of mine once told me "You can't fart against thunder", well I have proof that Adam Glezer CAN!

Many thanks again Adam and here's power to you and your campaign. I cannot recommend you highly enough.





Congratulations to Adam Glezer.

If you have travel insurance with Allianz Australia Insurance and related arm AWP Australia forget any chance of getting a refund. Yes, the idea of T and C when the policy was taken out means nothing, these two Companies changed the T and C and made them Retrospective back to August 2019 and inserted a clause "Balance of Probabilities" which then made it impossible to get any claim paid out.

Newspaper article Sept 2021 with a Federal Court case dated 6th September both Companies ordered to pay A$1,500,000 and I quote from the press  "being engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct over travel insurance Feb 2015 to Sept 2018"

I leave it everyone when considering travel insurance and which Companies to deal with.

I wonder with Sept 2018 to August 2021 if these Companies have continue with the same process for travel refunds as the Federal Court case was in Sept 2021.


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