Healthy treats for your grandkids

Buy bananas when on special

Slice and squeeze lemon or Orange over slices

Put in a snap bag and freeze.

These are yummy!!!

And can also be used to make smoothies.


We do this  and I think it was Sandy said to beat them up, and make a type of  natural ice cream which we also do.

Yes Sandi suggested the icecream idea which also sounds good but goodness knows we wil never find her recipe in the chit chat.

Radish also put forward an idea reagarding smoothies .

So maybe they may like to put them on here so they can be found again.

Kids just love the small banana popsickles and it is actually healthy for them ...a lot better than the bought ones with heaps of fat and aded sugar.


In fact so are the other recipes from yesterday. I only put the one Vivity wanted under her request as I was about to go out, but it was put in the recipe section yesterday, when I had time.

If you look through there are quite a few recipes from me in there.

Yes you are one of the few that remembers to put the  recipes in the right place after you've chatted about them but it is so easy to move on and forget about it.

She's  as usual

Hi Abby......let me buy you a drink for Christmas and dont mind micha.....he's OBNOXIOUS as usual.

Found a mate for you, so you won't be too lonesome kfc Image result for monkey in dress pictures if that doesn't work out and you get desperado, there's always shetso!!!! Hahaha

Can't win Abscond over with a drink, she's set her cap at pete!

Thanks kfc

Is next Thursdays good for you ?


Sorry Phyl

You are a bit far away...

Hmm "favouritism" hey kfc.

Why buy the bananas when on special ?

I picked a bunch of bananas from my garden this morning and they cost $0.00

Now that's special 

Yep that IS special Gerry:- Something good DOES happen every day hey.

I bought 2 bags of VERY green ones, and 1 slightly yellow bag and one ripe bag from Aldi this morn.. I bet yours will taste even better. Bananas are so versatile.


Gerry, We've had very high winds here and I lost all my mangoes bar 3.  I'm guarding them with my life.

Wasn't very happy about that but compared to what  others here have lost ( 32 houses in the tally so far) it's nothing.  At least the elderly couple who they thought had perished, they were found late yesterday.  That was great news !!!!

Abby, I am available for a drink anytime and of course, my good mate Phyl is welcome too. Friends are hard to find, whether on the net or in real life and should always be treasured.

Well if it is a cyber drink

Here is to and Phyl


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