Healthy Activities

One of the best things I have done (now going on for five years) is hydrotherapy.
I started doing it with a physiotherapist because of severe back problems. It not only helps enormously with my back problem but it also improves balance and fitness in general. I have a series of exercises that I do - walking, breathing, weights, etc. - (all taught by the phsiotherapist) and as well I spend time in the spa, sauna and steam room. I usually go to the pool from 6.30am - 9.00am three or four times a week.

As well as this my husband and I walk regularly and he rides his bike several times a week - from 20 - 50 kms.



Good on you, Elizabeth! I was told five years ago that my osteoarthritis would mean I would have a hip replacement by the age of 60 - well, after taking glucosamine for years, and walking and running every morning for a combined hour, then lifting weights - I can report that I have no further trouble with the hip and in fact the cartilege has improved. I have lost some weight, my muscle tone is great, and my skin glows. I, too, had back problems which required me to do the mowing with a back brace on - I no longer wear it now.

You keep on doing what you are doing and you will be one healthy vibrant old lady, LOL.

I walk every day - with my dog - even if my hip feels a bit stiff. It has allowed me to have an almost full active life, but I still do need some pain killers, just to allow me to do it all.


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