This Thread is about how a person who had a stroke in May 2021 is experiencing life AFTER the stroke. My Ups and Downs.

 This Thread is about my experiences after a stroke, some days are much better than  others, some days my typing is off some days I am struggling to read.     It has been a life experience to understand some doctors and even some nurses.  You see I am not meant to be able to type according to them.    I am gratful my brain is letting my fingers do the work!!   I keep a diary in my own hand.   But I have not been able to use my little car due to my eyesight when I had the stroke.  However, I don't knock things off the kitchen bench anymore!  So my eyes have definately improved thank goodness.  My biggest worry is not being able to drive and use my car, also reading, much as it has improved I am a long way from where I was prior to the stroke.  This Thread is about things I enjoy in life now and what I have experienced. Some people will like to follow this some won't.

 Living with the after affects of a stroke when it damages the eye 

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have been under the weather of late with high blood pressure again and I have just realized why!

I have an allergy to Histamines and I have been eating strawberries and grapes!

Both high in histamines, it starts to affect my blood pressure about six hours after digesting them.

So I went looking for a comprehensive list of items with histamines that I am going to have to avoid.

Doctors are ignorant of this fact so there is no help from them; the Allergies said he cannot help me, but he says I am not just sensitive to histamines but allergic.

The Histamine Food list

I have noticed eat time I have high blood pressure I lose more weight, all my GP said to me was

'aren't  you happy loosing weight'?      So much for a GP so I have given him the push.

If you have friends that have sudden onsets of 'the runs' or high blood pressure you will need to try and find out if they have allergies to histamines, this is a new science there is more information in Britain than there is in Australia.

I made a job a few moths ago about dieing from fruit!

Image result for photo of a bowl of fruit



Novak Djokovic to be DEPORTED as his visa is cancelled AGAIN after minister seizes on discrepancies in the tennis champ's testimony to boot him from the countryNovak Djokovic set to be deported and miss Australian Open after his visa is cancelled

NEW Immigration Minister Alex Hawke (inset) used his powers to cancel Djokovic's visa on Friday, four days after the federal government had backed down on deporting the tennis superstar. Mr Hawke's decision comes three days out from the start of the Australian Open where Djokovic (main, top right with wife Jelena) hoped to become the most successful male player of all time. It will likely result in further court action by the 34-year-old who has already won the Open nine times. Djokovic, who is not vaccinated against Covid and who contracted the virus in December, was initially denied a visa to enter Australia on January 6 by a Border Force official. Protests have been predicted and the federal government can expect an international backlash in response to its decision to send the Serb home.

How Greta Garbo was the world's first gender fluid celebrity: Big-screen sex siren of the 1920s dressed as a man, called herself Harry and devoured countless lovers 80 years before anyone had heard of the term 

How Greta Garbo was the world's first gender fluid celebrity

She'd played the big-screen sex siren and didn't relish doing so again. 'I cannot see any sense in dressing up and doing nothing but tempting men in pictures.' So said Greta Garbo about the prospect of making the steamy 1926 potboiler Flesh And The Devil. And as a new biography reveals, when it came to 'dressing up', Garbo preferred to dress up as man. But for all the Swedish superstar's reservations about the film - concerning a love triangle involving two best friends competing for the same woman - they melted away after she met her co-star John Gilbert.



Interesting find.

One of England's 'first ever gold coins' is dug up in Devon field: Rare 1257 token bearing portrait of King Henry III is one of only EIGHT in existence and could earn its finder £400,000 


A metal detectorist uncovered the gold King Henry III coin (pictured) dating to 1257, which is just under an inch in diameter, on farmland in Hemyock, Devon, in September last year.


Exciting find.


Terrible news this morning, the police found the body of that little girl 9 years old in a barrel in a river in Queensland, husband has been telling me the news from the radio on ABC.  So sad and they have arrested a guy.

Tragic outcome.

Very much so RnR I find it sickening what some men do to children and even adults.

Ash Barty like you've never seen her before: Tennis superstar stuns on the cover of Vogue Australia in her first ever high-end fashion shootTennis superstar Ash Barty stuns on the cover of Vogue Australia

Ash Barty stuns on the cover of this month's Vogue Australia, swapping her tennis whites for high-end fashion in a glamorous photo shoot. Barty, who at age 25 is the world's No. 1 female tennis player, oozed elegance in a series of monochrome outfits by Polo Ralph Lauren, Matteau and Worn Store. She accessorised her understated outfits with jewellery by Tiffany & Co. and mule heels by Jasmine Stefanovic's shoe label Mara & Mine.   

Seems a bit unusual for this usually down to earth lady.

I am surprised the rest of the passengers didn't didn't get a bit of sticky tape and wrap it around her mouth and feat! LOL


London-bound American Airlines flight turns back to Miami an HOUR AND HALF into journey because 'disruptive' female passenger refused to wear a mask 

The American Airlines Flight AAL38 came back to Miami International Airport and was met by police. A woman in her 40s, was escorted off the plane, according to authorities. She was not arrested.

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