This Thread started off with my desire for help as I had a stroke, it is now a Thread to speak about other topics.


All sorts of things on ths Thread for Stroke Victims from lovely friends to chat to, wonderful flowers and yummy things to eat! 

I began this Thread to try and get interest in the vaccine I need help with from the Prime Minister when I wrote to him.

But I think he is a waste of time.

As a Christian myself I thought the Thread may be more useful if other people that have experienced like me a Clot-Stroke, as I have to keep going to practice with my writing and thought others may like to help please?

I do try to read but it is very slop I am typing still thank goodness.

But must limit my time to rest my eyesight.

One of my favourite Australian Flowers is the Wattle so I will place photos of it through the Thread.  I hope you do too!

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Hi Celia.   Great to hear all went reasonably smoothly.  Pity about the 'ouch' factor in the Diphtheria shot, but I guess it's a relatively small price to pay all things considered.  I, for one, am old enough to remember those dreadful diseases.  Thank goodness for vaccines.

All to best to you.

Hi Leonie.

The comment about the Diphtheria was to let some people realize the Pfizer is not as bad as they think and not to get anxious about it;  my second jab is more a worry as friends have said they got sick with it.

But we shall plod along and hope for the best.

Thank you for your comments Leonie.

I just wish others would bite the bullet and go along and have the jab it is more dangerous driving down the freeway!

Has anyone come across this programme on SBS?

About Us – YourLifeChoices

'Lost for Words' it is about adults learning how to read for various reasons.

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