heading Artificial Meat

I have tried to put up a post on there a number of times this morning with no success.

Was trying to say that I would NOT be clicking on the link put up by someone who does not have the guts to put their name.

How on earth you can put up a post with a name I do not know.  I can't!


Radish,  No name means that the person has been banned.

Could be that admin have removed the said person as a scammer from off another thread but not realised that they are on that one too, but when they remove a person from the data base (banned) the post remains but has no name.

The scammers are becoming more sophistocated in that some of them are now putting the email addresses on one of someone's thread rather than putting up their own thread.  It makes sense as they don't show up as scammers so easily when they just reply on one of the forum members threads.

rotten sods LOL...thanks for that Sandi.  The moderators seem to be very quiet....are they actually here ;)




There are still other posts that have no names with an ad in the middle of the text.

I know one person put over 24 ads on yesterday so I guess that they are tired of trying to delete all posts and just get as many as they can.  Once they ban that poster any remaining ones that they haven't found will just leave the post but with no name on it.

They have already started up again today.  It is becoming a real pain to try and spot the legal posts of members some days.

Agree is a real pain in the backside!

Yep Sandi and Radish ... a total pain in the a**e.

Detracts immensely from genuine YLC posters ...

:) As disparate/controversial as they/we may be at times ... at least they/we have the semblance of realism and passion.

LOL at cartoon RnR...good one!!


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