Have you encountered 'Lockdown' memory loss?

I hope I'm not the only one battling memory loss over lockdown. My input in family trivial pursuit has deteoriated so much that I'm embarrassed to be involved. I certainly cannot remember when or how long our lockdowns have been (I am from Victoria so maybe that's understandable). To remedy the situtation for the secondary concern, I did some research. Here's a recap of what we have endured:

Lockdown #1: 30 March - 12 May, 2020 (43 days)

Lockdown #2:  8 July - 27 October, 2020 (111 days)

Lockdown #3: 12 February - 17 February, 2021 (5 days)

Lockdown #4: 27 May  - 10 June, 2021 (14 days)

Lockdown #5: 15 July - 27 July, 2021 (12 days)

Lockdown #6: 5 August - ? (50 days and counting)

Memories... Now to find out if lockdown memory loss is a thing.

Yes it is, with the obvious factor being isolation. Even if we don't feel distressed about isolation, the reduction in human contact has reduced the number of stories shared and it is the repitition of these stories that help us consolidate our memories.

We also dont have much to tell, cancelled holidays and sporting events; postponed weddings and parties  - sadly, we just don't have many interesting stories to share (internet drop-out doesn't count).

And because we are not doing anything, we don't have any cues to aid our memories. We are not going anywhere and days seem to merge into one. No references points, of dinners out, parties etc

There is also a general fatigue with extended lockdowns, zoom meetings and facetime calls . I'm getting depressed writing this but there are some things we can do to help:

1. Go for a walk (especially along unfamilair streets)

2. Take your phone calls walking outdoors rather than sitting inside

3. Make sure the weekdays and weekends are different enough so they do not merge into one.

4. Find a new activity to do at home and tell someone about it later

5. Reflect on your day each evening. This can help consolidate your memories. You could even write a diary (it might be interesting to look back on later)

Well, there are reasons why my brain is feeling a little fried so I'm off for a walk. 

Have you endured any lockdown memory loss?


Have you encountered 'Lockdown' memory loss?

Not at all ...

now what was your question again ???

I can relate Lol



Love it 




Thank you, Lucca.  Great ... says it all!!

One can always rely on Lucca to lighten things up ... and always appreciated by YLC members.

I appreciate your appreciation Axel, but you may be the only one mate lol, the rest have been trying for years to run me outa town

Yosemite Sam GIF - Yosemite Sam GIFs

Why is that, Lucca?

It couldn't be for your delightful sense of humour and generosity in sharing it.

Well, no lock down in WA, however when there was, I suffered a memory loss about all the negative people I came across. Happy to say, those people are still lost in the mists of time!!

See the source image   Not here in Western Australia!


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