Have you been getting scam texts with 'missed voicemails'?

I have started receiving weird text messages which are obviously a scam. I've had a few and they read something like this:

f03yo7b Voicemail:You have 1 new Voicemail(s). Go to https://hey-case.com/moscgy.php?c6rv46

It sounds dodgy right? Telstra have confirmed that they really are dodgy and that the messages are generated by malware called Flubot which spread via SMS and can infect insecure Android phones.

If you click on the link, you will be taken to a web page displaying a trusted brand and prompted to install an app, for example to listen to the voicemail message. If you give permission to install, then the malware will be loaded into your handset. Once installed it can harvest your contact list to further spread, as well as accessing your personal information and banking details if you use it while infected. Scary stuff, so whatever you do, dont open the link!

If you have received these types of messages, it doesn't mean your phone is affected. But if you have clicked on the link and downloaded the software, chances are your phone is now infected. If infected, you should urgently remove malware (or reset phone), change all passwords using another device that is not infected.

You can report a scam to Telstra  or call 13 2200. Click here for further cyber safety advice





Thanks for the warning Rhonda

My brother has recommended I contact ACMA on 0429 999 888 by holding the message down (NOT ON THE LINK PLEASE!) and pressing forward. You receive a pleasant thank you message from that body. If you don't trust the steadiness of your hands, follow the advice above. I am hoping that if the scammers are piggy backing off a genuine number, the holders of that number are contacted. The possibility of the scammed being responsible for all numbers in their phone being compromised scares the hell out of me,

I always block the number and delete. These msgs still keep on coming...


I get approximately 2-3 daily.  I just delete immediately. 

I'm receiving SMS saying my debit/credit card has been/ will be suspended because of inappropriate transactions so (surprise! surprise!) go to the link to rectify. I delete such messages


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