Have a laugh!!!! I did

After reading this I laughed and thought I would share it with you

It must be the funniest thing I read today


Jaguars trying to instruct others how to be polite on the Forum


Cut and paste queen . This like revenge porn.

hell hath no fury .....

listen lovey, ain't no way that you and I will ever get back together again. You need to let go, for your own sake.



? 3:28? 3:28www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S9ecXWCBCcNov 20, 2007 - Uploaded by fritz5131Engelbert Humperdinck - Release me 1985 Released 1966 Please release me, let me go, For ...

Thanks Abby.

I splattered my coffee all over the keyboard


Sure it was the coffee. Wipe that stupid smile off your face geriatric. You should be ashamed at your age. What wud mum say if she found out.


Can't you two love birds kiss and make up as Jags tried with Seth.

I think Gerry is only able to have sex over the internet. Hence the splattering all over the keyboard

Jaggy Jerker the Michael Jackson lookalike calling Gerry names........

Look in the mirror and see his ghost 


Click the link to meet Jaggy Jerker

Ha ha, you got me.

While I enjoyed Davy's link, I must say I think the rest of this thread is mean spirited. It was set up to deride and attack one person. Abby, how would you feel if someone set up a thread like this against you? When Jag wrote his comment he was having a laugh at himself and you have twisted it to encourage a mass attack against him. He can be aggressive and he's not the only one. Mutual attack and accusation is constant on this forum and most of it seems to be testosterone driven. But this mean set up takes the cake. It is good to see that most on the forum have not colluded.

cheers Robi

unfortunately  the trailer trash are too dumb to appreciate self parody.

I think if you look at the Fag's replies here you might agree he deserves it/


You can count the regular members of the Meeting Place on one hand if you omit the pseudos or multiple member some use.

The rest of the members have left to go to other Forums and occassionaly drop in to see if things have improved. The Forum is being used as an email and place to be rude to others.

The comment is a screenshot - Jaguar has not taken offence- so where do you come in to winge and complain. You are making a problem where there is none.

Are you jealous of my relationship with Jaguars










No Gerry, I don't think anyone deserves to be set up to be attacked, derided and laughed at. The whole purpose of this thread is to do just that. Basically, it's cruel.


How low can you stoop? There really is no justification for this mean act, regardless of how it is being received by Jaguar (and you can't pretend to know how he feels about it). I ask again, how would you feel if it was done to you? 


Listen how he sings to me


Just look at the brilliant advise he gives.


You sure do jump around a lot for a woman in a wheelchair 

Good on yer Abby !  




See nothing's changed around here ...

Oh look what the cat dragged in.

Taking a break from stormfront ladies? Give my best to billy

Billy is here :) You can do it yourself




knew you bullshit artists couldn't stay away. 

Abbey the twisted old lady and her pseudo lovin friends.

wassup keith.

So how many pseudos have you set up over the years Abbey and Gerriatric - fancy using one back from 2009 ????

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heheheh poor little fella is gettin upset LMAO


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