Happy Birthday Wendy for 29th. July

The start of a wonderful rest of your life and it will be filled with happiness.

Hope the cake turns out beautiful. Your new kitchen is bringing you joy like ours is us, albeit could not make the fruit cake yet.


thankyou phyl for your good wishes,i hope to have a lovely time with the family (if they remember,lol)

I wish you a VERY Happy day Wendy--and many more

thanks planb for your good wishes,i had a lovely birthday and i made the cake from peter,it was lovely very moist,

Did the cake taste of Coffee ?

Happy belated birthday Wendy. May your next year be the best one ever.

Happy belated birthday Wendy, hope you had a great day

planb,i did it with choc milk,the milk and fruit all blended in,i couldn't taste the choc really but the taste was delcious,

thankyou innes and rainey for your good wishes,i had a lovely day,

wendy , happy belated birthday, my late husbands birthday was the 29th so you are in good company.

thanks toot,sorry about your hubby and i missed mine yesterday


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