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I stumbled across this site for oldies. Interesting article about granny flat cases and other important issues. My next door neighbour who was divorced sold up her house and put her cash together with her daughter and her husband and bought a very swank house in a posh suburb. She was allocated a sort of granny flat where she could get away from everyone but her main role was to look after 3 small children while both parents held high profile jobs. I think this could be a possibility for many older single women who find themselves alone but want to be part of their extended family. What you think?

Legal Issues Colum
Why don’t we just live in your house, son?
21 April 2010
*A short review of some ‘granny flat’ cases. In each of the real examples that follow it is interesting to consider whether any or all of them or any part of the conflict which they illustrate, might have been avoided had the parties considered entering into a clear agreement which attempted to contemplate some of the risks and the vagaries of life which eventually brought them into litigation. These cases emphasise the recurring theme underlying arrangements which, for the most part, fail to take account of the risks, hazards and unforeseen…
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