Green Power - do you buy it - what is it and how does it work?

At long last I have finally go the answer as to why our Tasmanian hydro powered electricity which is clean and green as no carbon emissions or green house gases which ever they use as a measure are emitted. So I have asked and asked why is it going up like the mainland coal fired or gas fired turbines stations.

I finally found out in the annual booklet on how to use the Hydro power and save money etc arrived this year.
It is because Green Power Accreditation Scheme brought in by the Federal Government of Rudd - does not give credence to any non coal or carbon emission power schemes built prior to 1997. Even solar or wind seemingly - now isn't that bureaucratic nonsense or a sinister manipulation to make all of us pay up and prices of food and all other necessities of life go up accordingly so we end up as poor as the third world countries - and they say will spread the wealth to them to bring them up to our standards.

Yeah Right usual socialist crap of levelling all down to one level - lowest. Except of course for themselves who rise up and live like the Kings they think they are.

Now how many of you knew this and why as I asked many folk around for months why the power was going up and gas and all said due to ETS coming but seemingly not.

Googled and found this.

Read the ad on the top which says you can relax knowing it has the government;s tick of approval.

then read on and go over the page and then to link sites.

So now you can after reading sit back and feel all warm and fuzzy thinking of the green power coming down the lines to your own home and how you are saving the planet forgetting the fact you are cutting your own throat by so doing as encourage them to put the costs up even higher - they can afford it - lets hit them again.

it it wasn't so serious I would laugh but many of our own pensioners will go cold this winter and/or hungry or without medicine to pay the bills they think are important for them. Does anyone care? I dont think so.

Cant see the state upping the concessions now that they have or may have lost 1/3 of their GST for what may well prove no gain for the public but a gain for public servants in extra layer of bureaucracy.

Stands to reason taxes will have to rise some time soon. Federal and states too to regain revenue.


BigVal, That website is a bit confusing. I can't work out whether it's a govt dpt, but I don't think it is. Nevertheless , they certainly push the 'govt tick'.

It does appear to refer to the NSW Govt...not that right.

In any case, there's no doubt they will (they being the State Govts) all be on a similar track.

When our current (vic) Premier took over, he told us then our electricity costs would rise by 20%.

However, prior to that, on my bill , There was an option to pay extra for so called green power. I notice that doesn't show anymore.

Quite frankly, GREEN has become a dirty word for me. Govts are hiding a multitude of sins under the green banner.

Whether the ETS is dead or not, remains to be seen, but they will get us in other ways.

What I find sinister is that they go on and on about climate change which it does at least 4 times a year and sometimes violently more than others - and right now seems the earth is making itself hostile to too many humans as it does when a species over populates itself.

Earthquakes and eruptions are daily just about and of course the CC myth makers add it to the man made climate change syndrome - all your fault for being a big footprint they tell us.

Mind you my big footprint is because I can no longer buy Aussie made shoes and the Chinese ones well I take two sizes bigger in those. rofl.....

Truly. Bit like their clothes.

Anyway to be serious - it is as if they will just ignore anything that comes up to make their plan to tax us on energy suspicious like the emails where they spoke about having to lie and manipulate the figures to show we are warming when we are not. Just to get the money out of our pockets and into theirs.

Where I want to know is the extra money given on green power really going.

Where I want to know is the extra money given on green power really going.

Good question, and one that needs to be asked of the politicians...State elections coming up in Vic, so good time to start asking.

Hi Big Val and Koko,

"""""GREEN"""""" and """""""" CLIMATE CHANGE"""""" give me the gripes too. The money goes to make the rich, richer.

Our CARBON FOOTPRINTS are shown on our electricity bill......stupid sods who thought of that one.

Vehicles have had catalytic converters for years. No-one has a backyard incinerator any more. Trees are planted along streets and highways, because they love carbon dioxide. Hundreds of factories don't punch out dangerous substances any more. Recycling is now a normal occurrence, etc;

FACT:- An erupting volcano emits more pollutive ash and gases than mankind has produced since walking on this planet.

""Green"" is probably American for money, as in 'Greenback" dollars.

If you get the chance, read a book by Michael Chrichton, 'State of Fear '. Amongst other things it tells how politicians

keep the people in a state of fear in order to gain control.

When I read it, I thought, mmmm, sounds familiar.


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