Great Southern Rail (GSR)

My wife tried to book a winter trip for the two of us on The Ghan, Darwin to Adelaide.

 When she phoned on Thursday 3 May 2012, she was told there were no bookings available until August, so she made an August booking with a 25% discount for Seniors.

Wenesday 9 May 2012 we received an email from GSR advertising  the same trip, but "Buy one get one FREE" for travel between 1 June to 31 August 2012.

Two emails to GSR, asking why my wife was misinformed, have had replies which ignore the question.

Anybody had similar experience/s with GSR?



would you like us to share this with our contact at GSR and see if we can get an answer for you?




Hi JJ, we contacted  Great Southern Rail and they will be in touch today to discuss your booking. They sincerely apologise for the frustration you’ve encountered through the booking process. At the time of booking, The Ghan was indeed fully booked in June but more capacity has since been added to accommodate demand - as often happens in the travel industry.

I hope you are able to book the trip of a lifetime!

Thanks, Kaye.

Our 3rd email elicited a response on Tues. May 15 : the two for one offer only for unbroken trip Darwin-Adelaide, as in the very fine print on page 2 of that offer.

Phone call Wed. 16 offered us the two for one, departing June 20, including the break at Alice Springs, to see Uluru and Kata Tjuta, which we wanted originally.

That's very welcome flexibility!


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