Great Ocean Road

I'm thinking of travelling from Sydney to the Great Ocean Road for the Easter week. Any suggestions would be most welcome. And, if anyone is looking for a travel mate for the adventure, let me know and we can  perhaps discover the Great Southland together.


Hi plezant,  If you haven't been there before, it is one of the most scenic locations in Australia.  The only comment I would make is that I am not so sure about the Easter week.  You would have to put up with the City Madmen for the whole of the trip as well as making sure that you booked accommodation before you leave Sydney.  I would imagine that you might have trouble even this early at somewhere like Appolo Bay.  The only other suggestion I would make is to take the long way round & drive via Canberra & over the Alpine Way to Albury.  It is a fair bit further but a magnificent drive.

Hope you enjoy your trip Plezant, it is one trip I want to do one day but as Innes said, I don't think I would be trying it on an Easter weekend, not by what I've read about it anyway. Cheers.

Are you towing a van or motel/ cabins?

Plezant,  I agree the Easter weekend would be hell on the roads--always is--and a weekend is not long enough anyway as there are many places that you are able to do walks etc --and all very interesting, I have done it a few times and have taken a week to see it all as the weather can be great one day and rotten the next.  Accom' would be hard to get too on that weekend.  Do your self a favour and wait till you can do it at a non holiday time and take your time


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