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There are advertisements for the mining tax, advertisements for some vague health reform, and now ads for the NBN. None of these has gone before Parliament.

The mining tax wouldn't come in till 2012,
The so called health reform....who knows when
The Broadband EIGHT years. (Original cost $ $43Billion.)

So that's [i]three[/i] lots of Fed Govt advertising around $50,000 just for a 30 second ad on TV.
Who knows how much on radio ...

All for plans and policies that only exist somewhere in the ether in the ACT.

Down here in Victoria, the commercial tv programs are also flooded with ads for the State Govt, as well as on radio and even pretty brochures in the letterbox to tell us how wonderful they are.

I'm amazed that no-one seems to be noticing, or commenting on, this extraordinary spend of taxpayers' money.

Who was it who said during the 2007 election campaign..."taxpayer funded political advertising is a cancer on democracy".
Brownie points if you guessed Rudd.


I hate this advertising--we are not stupid and they don't need to try and brain wash us with this rubbish and wste so much money. I know the b4 the last election we had so much of it I wrote to the local member about it.

I've just listened to the audio of Andrew Bolt's program, and he tells us that a 30 second ad on Masterchef costs $70,000.00! There was at least one ad for the non existent NBN.

It's worth listening for the first half of the tape, as he goes into the cost of flying illegals and Christmas Island staff to and from the island. [b]$200,000 per week for charter flights[/b]. The cost has trebled in the last ten months alone, and is set to get worse.

[url=;=view&id;=6223]Listen here.[/url]

I have only seen the health ones - and a newspaper ad by one of the iming companies saying they are willing to consult.

None of these measures are in the form of a bill to be brought before the parliament and I thought that governments could not use taxpayers money for election advertising which is what these ads are if they are not legislation passed and enacted.

Labor is out of countrol far worse than even the last Federals governments were - this is making Hawke-Keating almost good guys for only running up 96 billion in debt over 14 years !!!!! And at the time we all thought that was a lot o fmoney to be owing and paying off.

I hate to think of the cost of paying off the interest alone on the debt run up by Rudd and his lot - and lets be fair it is Rudd himself - as no one has any authority to do anything unless he gives the nod.

Just read a piece by peter Beatie in the Australian saying that Labor never ever changed leaders at this time and the talk of Julia taking over is just talk and Rudd will lead us to the next election - bring it on soon so that we can get off the subject of Rudd and onto business as usual please! Plus lose the ads and rhetoric with everyone reading from the same book seems the Press officers get up real early read the papers and ring every MP etc to tell them what to say today !! Where is the interest if all are parroting ?

and even pretty brochures in the letterbox to tell us how wonderful they are.

They are arriving here too, so I write BS (the full word) across it in texta and mail it back -- absent mindedly not attaching a stamp.

IF more people did this it would soon put a stop to this outrageous waste.

Yes I have done that also to quite a few unsolicited things I get in the mail--

Minister for respect agenda...a title Brumby pulled out of thin air.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :P :lol: :lol: :lol: :-P :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes, John Howard spent a lot....probably too much.


2. He had money in the bank.

-- He also sold off Telstra to get it --and he never spend any--and also never had a recession to contend with--


Yes, John Howard spent a lot....probably too much.


2. He had money in the bank.

-- He also sold off Telstra to get it --and he never spend any--and also never had a recession to contend with--


That would have been after Hawke/Keating sold the Commonwealth Bank...the peoples' bank, and privatised Qantas, and still left a debt of $96Billion, paid off by Howard /Costello, who sailed us through an Asian meltdown.

How interesting. I posted on this matter only yesterday.

Yesterday on this forum.....

He removes the duty of policing this policy, from the Aud Gen, installs one of his mates, and promptly , hypocritically starts embezzling millions from the taxpayer on advertising policies which haven’t even gone throgh Parliament. It’s incredible.

And today this:

The Rudd Government is facing an inquiry into its broken promise on political advertising.

7News can reveal a public servant who recommended the advertising watchdog be dissolved is now being paid a small fortune to do the job himself.

Auditor-General Ian McPhee will front a Senate committee in Canberra tomorrow to publicly detail his concerns about Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's back flip.

Earlier this year Mr Rudd dumped a system which proposed advertising campaigns be scrutinised by the auditor-general independently.

He has since passed the role onto a committee of former public servants, including advertising review author Dr Allan Hawke.

The way in which Mr McPhee was swept aside by Dr Hawke's review has guaranteed a new controversy.

Dr Hawke is career bureaucrat and former chief-of-staff to Paul Keating. His review led to Mr McPhee being dumped from the independent role.

Dr Hawke took 18 days and was paid $60,000 to recommend a new panel to oversee government ads, which he now heads.

He works four days a month for $175,000 a year.


The sheer arrogance of this man is way beyond belief. The real worry

is not just the arrogance, it is the fact that if just 4% of his loyal followers

switch sides & vote to get rid of him, it will create the greatest rout in

Australian electoral history since Federation. Is the Australian voting

public really that stupid?


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