Governor general missed 'twerking' display

A recent military event that went viral after a dance troupe twerked and gyrated in front of senior military officials has been accused of not telling the real story behind what actually happened.

You can see the footage that was presented by the ABC here:

However, The New Daily contacted the Navy who explained that the dance was performed prior to the governor general arriving for the commissioning of the ship.

Further to this journalist Osman Faruqi reports that the video was spliced together with different reaction shots to give the impression the dignitaries were reacting to the twerking and that most of the choreography reflected the local community and the twerking only lasted for 20 seconds towards the end of the performance.

What do you think of the appropriateness of these dancers performing at the commissioning of a navy ship?


Well he didn't miss much those that did it were very bad at it

LOL PlanB ... the dance routine was highly inappropriate IMO.

Yes it sure was RnR, but as I said they did a shocking job of it

Nowhere near as bad as what our troops in Afghanistan did.

I thought the dance routine was inappropiate.  It could have been a dance with  a Naval theme.  Who wants to look at a bunch of girls bending over and showing off "the goods".?

The dance routine was awful and so is the ABC for misinforming the public.

The so called dance was done long before the actual event. Bad ABC!

Once more our ABC has done the wrong thing. As explained above, the dancers performed well in advance of the official ceremony and were performing for the interested locals who had gathered there before the official business. The ABC has apologised in a fashion but in that apology they have tried to blame a government MP who, they claim, was the reason that they got it wrong.

There was no such fuss when Cher danced around a battleship's big gun!

LOL yes but Cher did a good job  these girls did not

I agree. In the age of political correctness and no gender identity, it would have been nice to see some male dancers amongst them.

"The dancers say the dance was choreographed to reflect the local community of Wooloomooloo ..."

Have I missed something here ... is that what they do in Wooloomooloo?

I know we're all meant to be tolerant human beings nowadays but, personally, I have no interest in male dancers. (Without prejudice!)

Yep agree with you BillW1 but I have a lot of prejudice about those girls, think they should avoid Maccas in future, it shows!

Well BillW41 I wont take you to court over your comment

I did say "Without prejudice".

The main point here is not the dance and who was there and when.


The MAIN point is the SELECTIVE EDITING of NEWS to create division and arguments and support a BIASED VIEW.


Unfortunately ALL MEDIA is just as GUILTY. However the ABC make it their main object.

Treat any media report of anything as manipulated.

Especially third-hand incompletely understood information mis-interpretation in shouty capitals hahahahahahahahaha

The dance routine needed some male input

Clive Palmer 'twerks' on the Kyle and Jackie O show on Make a GIF

LOL at least he did it better

Abhorrent waste of hard earned tax payers money !!


Yes it is but what´s new -- they waste it every day


ABC at it again in their Bash Scomo Festival!! Back to the real world, ABC please deliver QLD a free to air live 7pm TV news broadcast. Chasing it up on Streaming or iView requires purchase of an internet connexion from a 3rd party. Tax payer funded National broadscaster ???


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