Got an opinion on Gerard the blind dancer on Dancing with the Stars?

More so Todd. and his comments about Gerard?
I think Gerard is absolutely amazing as if I close my eyes I cannot balance well at all and he looks to be dancing so very well. O.K. he wants to be treated similar to the sighted dancers but fair crack of the whip the man is blind so for those three judges to give him 2, 3 and 2 in my opinion that was very very mean. .
The teacher who is doing a fantastic job with him deserves a medal in my book and she was close to tears. I do not feel the need to give him such low marks or be so scathing of his dancing.
I have taught dancing and realise there are a few things not perfect but none of them are absolutely perfect........and Gerard quite good. I am not saying give him more points in sympathy but please do not belittle him. He deserved 6'xes - His teacher saw the standing ovation wish he could have.
Congratulations Gerard you are a winner in my book.


I agree phyl, I think he is amazing doing dances when he cant see, his solo was very good I thought hope he stays for a while yet,

I have only watched that show in part maybe once--I think they are all very good but I can't STAND that TOD and that other blonde--judge--nor that Kruger person

I cannot stand Tod ,and I agree with the person I heard last night on our TT programI agree with the person who said blindfold Tod and see how good he is,but I would not give the ar,and in my book he is a better man than McKenna will ever be

Yes Dusty and that would not be hard to be a better Man ???--lol than Tod

I blame the producers for including a blind person in the first place. It would be like entering ME in a marathon......sure, I could go through the motions, but everyone knows I would not finish anywhere near the winners. Gerard asked to be treated the same as a "sighted" person right from the start and simply got his wish. I have absolutely no time for McKenny, but in this case, I think he was only being honest.

I dont wish to detract from the enormous effort Gerard has made to date, but his disability makes it impossible for him to compete on par with those not similarly afflicted.

I see where you are coming fom Kf--I guess I just can't stand that Tod bloke--

I think KF is right - it is outright cruel from the producers to to let him (or ask him! - for the sake of ratings) enter.

He is a brave man but I have the feeling I am watching a freak-show and don't like this feeling because it belittles his efforts. There are some things that you just can not explain to a person with a disability. He never seen anybody dancing so there is no way he could understand it. Just like you can't explain the colour red to a colour-blind or a lilting sound to a deaf.

As for Todd McKenny - there are ways of saying things and he chooses the lowest one of them which is hurting and cruel.

Jessica Raffa deserves a medal and many accolades for teaching and taking her life into her (or rather Gerard's hands) as I think she is superb as a teacher and her genuine kindness and the way she has taught Gerard amazing...........................:)

I am not sure either whether Gerard should be in a comp. with sighted people but I applaud him for his guts and willingness to give it a go and yes he is a bit stiff and stilted, but he has learnt so many steps and I applaud him also.

I believe he lifts Jessica equally as well as the sighted guys.

If nothing else it has to teach people to have a go and not complain too much for what we may put up with when he can do so much.

God bless them both.


I enjoyed watching Gerard and Jess dance last night and believe Gerard has improved beyond belief. How amazing is he - in my book he is trully amazing and Jess? outstanding as a dance teacher and a human being with great compassion and talent.

Is Gerard getting sympathy votes? I feel now the votes are for achievement and determination maybe? I think Gerard and Jess are both outstanding and amazing people.

No I am not sure Gerard should be up against sighted dancers whereby the judging is on true dance ability and performance BUT Gerard and Jess are such an inspiration to so many there certainly is something to think about.

It is a difficult thing when really good dancers are being put out because they are not as popular - for me I am really enjoying the dancing and feel Luda was treated badly!

Helen and Mark have gone right down to Todds level in my opinion. Sarcastic and mean.

I do not think Luda would put herself in the position next year and that would be very sad as she is SO good.



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