Gordon Brown

Has anyone been following the Gordon Brown 'wish I had either shut my big mouth or switched off the microphone' issue? What a gigantic boo-boo.

It reminds me of Bob Hawke who called a pensioner a 'silly old bugger' but at least he had the balls to say it to his face, although I wonder what Hawke would say now the boots on the other foot?

What would Brown have done if the woman didn't accept his apology? (I certainly wouldn't)

Was the police guard outside her home to keep the press out or keep her in and from making any more damning comments?

I think that Labor (and Brown) have had their day


Looked like a bit of foot in mouth disease.

Certainly will not win him any votes - may have ruined any chances he had.

Be interesting to see if any of our politicians can beat him.

Certainly think it would have finished him. My bet would be a lot of Labour die-hards will see it as the last straw, and vote for the Lib Dems.

Certainly a b-i-i-g OOOPS!! :red:

Certainly think it would have finished him. My bet would be a lot of Labour die-hards will see it as the last straw, and vote for the Lib Dems.

Certainly a b-i-i-g OOOPS!! :red:


The lady in question, of course, was voicing the view of many older, and some not so old, UK citizens - that immigration has gone beyond the saturation level and should be reduced or stopped.

The PM, of course, was right to his opinion of her being a bigot ie "a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, opinion or belief" if he considered that her "fear" was founded solely on the fact that she quote "did not like foreigners taking up all the jobs"unquote.

I would also have had much more respect for him, however, if he had told her so publicly and politely, but that would have been a certain vote loser of course - you can never please all of the people all of the time.

It would be nice to know what transpired in the lady's house afterwards! A crate of Scotch perhaps - no, that's too cynical!



What happens in the UK today happens here next week so to speak.

May not happen overnight but it will happen -rofl........lol.......

They have a huge problem with immigration, the elephant in the room, that all western countries have and pollies just use marginalisation to close down the discussion as he would have and did by default anyway.

So easy to call her a bigot when all she did was to speak the truth in that being in the EU anyone within can move across borders and take jobs and in the UK they have been swamped with eastern Europeans for jobs and like us have housing shortages - have down since WW2 in fact - immigration hasn't halted any time long enough to catch up.

Reported that she now says she will still vote Labour so is easily fooled and they do rely on foolish believers that Labour is there for the battler to keep voting them in.

Vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for left anyway and they will like the Greens form a sort of arrangement if a hung Parliament as also hungry for power as we have seen with Greens recently in Tasmania.

Lib-Dems want to have representative selection of candidates as we do - silly sods do not realize that many Aussies are sick to death of preferential voting and it is always wanted by those hungry for power but not able to get in on their own because a "Limited agenda" that doesn't appeal to enough.

Particularly Tasmanians where even Labor voters voted out the old guard and put in new Labor candidates and the majority voted for the Liberals. But the Governor put back the old Labor government who the people wanted out. So much for representational taken even farther selection for candidates. Where even the one with the least first votes can end up elected - democracy? I don't think so. But then we have really a peculiarity in that 71,000+ voters in 5 electorates and 5 MPs who all pass the blame game along laughing all the way to the Bank.

Lets hope for Brits they get a change of government and that the Conservatives get in and start to pay down debt and deficit and put them back in the black instead of the red where Labour has put them as usual. Its time as it always happens this way. One runs up the debts and the other pays them off and we all vote them in endlessly same old same old.

Democracy at work and the rich still keep on getting richer and the poor don't matter as usually "non productive units" as they now describe those of us not working and producing wealth and profits. Listen out for this - latest buzz word for those on benefits of some kind even SFR since many have had to draw down a part pension!


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