Good Gadgets found any lately?

We all find something new/different that we want to share with others so my latest one is a new weed sprayer.. Instead of syphoning up from    the bottom the outlet is at the bottom - no residue weed killer left as all is used - nothing wasted - and more importantly nothing to be tipped away - from UK and called Hozelock. 

Any body else got improved gadgets recently?

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I recently acquired a Ryobi cordless blower from Bunnings

It is A 1 and so much easier to use to having to drag the cord around - it is a lot lighter too.

Ryobi is a good brand Abby,I am just so amazed at the price difference for my "egg cracker" it was two thirds cheaper than 5 days ago,and they can still make a profit,I'm happy!


Thats great Billy

I recently purchased a new lawn mower. It has to be the best mower I have ever cut grass with.

It is a Cox Cruiser zero turn 22hp. It amazed me as to what it can do. Vid of one in action at

An added plus is that it is made in Australia.

What a great toy Fwed :)

Why you could even take it to a nearby shopping centre if you turned off the blades

Seggie. At our local hardware shop, I bought a very small hammer  for $12.95. You unscrew the middle section and out comes a screwdriver, the other end is a Phlllips head screwdriver. The head is lime and white.  I'm suitable impressed.

My favourite gadget is a pair of long handled scissors I bought from one of those  books that a girl drops of at the gate.They have the blades on an angle so I can cut my toenails without standing on my head. Also great with the longer handles, I never realised that my arms have got shorter the older I get !!?? 

Well they finally sent my egg cracker,does it work? Sort of,it seems to not work too well on thin shelled eggs,tends to "bend" the shell not crack,so it does work but 2 out of 6 eggs i cracked did not crack?

I think it would work better on the bigger eggs,I dont know what size mine are but they are cheap ones.



If you are buying eggs from caged hens

This is how it is done

hardy hardy har Abby,was funny though lol

this egg cracker is only good as an egg white seperator,for some strange reason i thought it was an "aid" its not,an arthritic person can not use this!

It should be advertised as a seperator not cracker.


Billy can you get in touch with them and get your money back if it is not as advertised?

If I paid the full $28 I would but only paid $8.90,but it does work but not so good on smaller or soft eggs,as a seperator it would work well,but maybe i will get bigger,thicker eggs.


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