Golfer’s most embarrassing moment

Microphones at the PGA tour’s Travellers Championship in Connecticut gave an unwanted insight into golfer habits on the weekend.

British golfer Ian Poulter was watching Australian Greg Chalmers tee off when he let rip with what some are describing as sport’s greatest fart.

“Did you get that?” Poulter then asked.

“Stay over there,” Chalmers replied. “Is that supposed to be more silent than that?”

Poulter later took to Twitter, explaining his regret: “3 club wind this morning on the first tee. Always beware of the live mic.”

Check out the footage below:

What is your most embarrassing moment when you have passed wind?


You can't help but laugh when you hear one.  It didn't happen to me but we were leaving an elevator with a couple of friends when Brian let a big one go just before the doors opened. You should have seen the look on the faces of the people who were waiting to get into it, talk about Candid Camera Moment. . 



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