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Redbean here. Like some of you, I am married to a man who doesn't enjoy travelling and so recently set up a group called "Golden Age Travellers".....couldn't think of a better name, for travellers who seek a travel companion.

As most of us....a total of 6 members live fairly close by, we aim to meet regularly to socialise and hopefully find a travel companion to undertake a trip interstate and/or abroad.

So, if you are interested in joining this group, please email me on [email protected]




you don't mention which state you are in or what age group you are.

Hi babin

We are from Sydney but there are a few members from interstate eg WA, NT & Nth Qld. Age Group is 50+ but most of us are in our late 50's 

If you want to know more, please contact me.

I have been "looking" for a long time with no success.  So would be interested in more details re your group.


Ta,  Beams

Well, we aim to meet at least once a month to socialise, get to know each other in the hope that we can find a travel companion. But if that didn't eventuate, at least we are expanding our social network.

Difficult for those from interstate, I know but there is always skype or the member can travel to Sydney to meet us. If you want to know more, please email me. I hesitate to discuss here as it is a public forum. :)


y xs

fwed, "y xs"

You do make it obvious you owe him one.

What say you let the next opportunity go by?

Hmmmmmmm, sorry fwed and innes I misjudged the import of the humble X repeated, so ignorant of nerdy site stuff that I am.

I'd be interested but they seem like a group of "Queers "to me and you all know my views on them.

Hi, redbean,

Know the feeling, we joined FF and the outcome has been great.

We have made wonderful friendships within the club, interstate and other nationalities by home hosting and travelling on overseas exchanges.                                                It is a great way to see the local areas rather than the typical touristy haunts.

Worldwide organisation with 2 Clubs in Sydney and 1 in the Blue Mountains.        Google Friendship Force Sydney or on the Australian contact page of

You are not restricted to travelling with your club, if another club has vacancies to a country you would like to visit, you can join them.                                                       You can also do your own thing after the exchange has finished, you may find other club members who would join you on a tour. Cheers, JCee

Wow, someone else who is married to a man who would rather hang out in his tomato patch than travel.  Drives me insane;  I love travel, we have the funds to do so but the other half is always itching to get home once we get away  Had a trip to qld recently booked for 16 days away...on the second day I could sense it was going to be too long so changed the bookings and only away for 10 days.   I might add at considerable expense air fare wise.  Next time, if there is a next time, I will only be booking one way tickets so if he wants to fly home the next day he can LOL.

I think I'm really lucky. My partner loves to travel as much as I do and as soon as we get back from one trip we start planning the next one. We do one big trip overseas every year and several interstate ones in the other months.

Just come back from a week in Melbourne and will be heading back there and to Bright in February for a conference, then to Sydney in April and then to Europe at the end of June.  Can never understand those who say they don't like travel but who actually have never or hardly ever been.

You have my vote jaywalker . I think you have it well sorted . By the way I love Bright . Well the whole area. 

Before last year I had never been to Bright but the Treasurer of the organisation I belong to (National U3A Online) lives there and has difficulty getting away from her work so the Committee decided we would all go to her for the meeting and I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely that area is. We all live in different parts of Australia so some travel was going to be necessary and it means we can add a few days in Melbourne.


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