Go Daniel Ricciardo

This year's F1 starts in Melbourne on Sunday with many changes. The cars are the fastest ever and DR has choosen to drive for Renault this year hopefully with better engines.

Did DR make the right choice? Ironically enough when driving for Red Bull last year they used Renault engines and Red Bull is now using Honda motors. Hard to beat the Mercs and Ferraris but will Renault have something extra or will the Honda engines prove DR made the wrong switch?

Good luck Daniel Ricciardo, you have many fans.


Go Lewis Hamilton and team mercedes !!!

Go Lewis Hamilton and team mercedes !!!

LH and Merc are favorite, if DR has a good year he may get an offer from Ferrari or Merc next year, good driver good car, hard to beat.

There's a great series on Netflix called 'Formula 1, Drive to Survive' (from the 2018 series to present day) with excellent camera work and an insight to the drivers/teams/manufactures...including expletives. Unfortunately nothing on Lewis Hamilton... a shy vegan.

He’s a gentleman and an all round nice guy unlike that Daniel bloke :)

If you haven't got it already, here it is!


Thursday, March 14

09:45-20:00 Gates open09:55-10:15: Formula 4 practice11:15-11:40: Ferrari Challenge practice 111:50-12:10: Australian GT qualifying 112:20-12:40: Porsche Carrera Cup practice12:50-13:20: Supercars practice 113:30-13:55: Ferrari Challenge practice 214:30-14:50: Formula 4 qualifying15:00-15:30: Supercars practice 215:40-16:00: Australian GT qualifying pt 216:10-16:30: Porsche Carrera Cup qualifying16:40-17:10: Supercars qualifying 1 & 217:20-17:45: Ferrari Challenge practice 318:25-18:50: Australian GT race 119:05-19:30: Porsche Carrera Cup race 1 (10 la Friday, March 1509:15-20:00: Gates open09:35-10:00: Ferrari Challenge qualifying10:15-10:40: Australian GT race 210:55-11:15: Formula 4 race 112:00-13:30: Formula 1 Free Practice 1 (FP1)13:50-14:20: Supercars qualifying 3 & 414:55-15:20: Porsche Carrera Cup race 2 (10 laps)15:30-15:40: Air display16:00-17:30: Formula 1 Free Practice 2 (FP2)17:55-18:55: Supercars race 1


Saturday, March 16

09:45-20:00: Gates open09:55-10:20: Australian GT race 310:45-11:10: Ferrari Challenge race 111:20-11:40: Ferrari road car parade11:50-12:10: Formula 4 race 212:20-12:35: Lamborghini parade12:50-13:20: Supercars race 214:00-15:00: Formula 1 Free Practice 3 (FP3)15:20-15:45: Porsche Carrera Cup race 316:40-16:50: Air display17:00-18:00: Formula 1 Qualifying18:30-19:30: Supercars race 3 (25 laps)


Sunday, March 17

09:45-20:00: Gates open09:55-10:15: Historic parade10:30-10:55: Ferrari Challenge race 211:40-12:05: Australian GT race 412:20-12:40: Formula 4 race 312:55-13:20: Porsche Carrera Cup race 413:35-14:05: Supercars race 414:15-14:30: F1 drivers’ introduction & photograph on starting grid14:30-15:00: F1 drivers’ track parade15:10-15:20: Air display15:54-16:05: National Anthem + Air display

16:10-18:10: 2019 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix (58 laps or 120 minutes)

Well that came out like a dog's dinner. Sorry!

It did but not to worry, we have our own Reagan.

Daniel is a Perth boy and we are all keeping our fingers crossed!

Best of luck Daniel!

I wish Daniel tons of luck too Bijou..not only a Perth boy but one who attended Newman Catholic College with our second son and they still keep in touch. Great excitment at Newman and in our house!

Here they are in the soccer team

Image result for daniel ricciardo at newman college/perth

As long as he sticks F1's choreography and doesn't make it too blatantly obvious, like Rosberg, he should have a very successful career and year.

How come we never hear of Mark Webber anymore. 

Mark Webber retired from F1 (2016) to take up a representative role with Porsche in the FIA World Endurance Championship and after that I read he took up a role with the BBC covering F1 & WEC (Wikipedia).

A very accomplished driver in his time. He was quoted as calling Hamilton a 'shit' at one stage.


Calling all Melbournian  fans of Formula 1


check your emails please Sophie.

See you all when it's over!

Well done Melbourne, wish I could make it with a bottle of bubbly and a doz oysters.

Have lotsa fun Reagan. I'm content to watch it on the box so I can turn the volume down as required, haha

I hope Renault gets sorted, last race both cars suffered an electrical problem and stopped during the Abu Dhabi race at the same moment. I hope DR made the right decision to leave Honda RedBull and the Renault becomes more reliable, time will tell. The Merc's and Ferry's do look hard to beat. Good luck in China DR.


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