Gillard stands by embattled PM

Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard has dismissed calls for Kevin Rudd to be replaced as Prime Minister if Labor is to have a chance of winning the next election.

Former Queensland treasurer Keith de Lacy, now chairman of mining company Macarthur Coal, says Mr Rudd has become an "item of ridicule" over the super profits tax.

In an opinion piece for The Australian newspaper, Mr de Lacy wrote that he regrets there is no alternative but to change the leader for someone who cares about Australia and the electability of the Labor Party.

He said Labor runs the risk of being out of power for a generation if there is no change in leadership and direction within the party.

But speaking in Brisbane today, Ms Gillard said she is not vying to take over the top job.

"I don't agree with the view that's been expressed by Mr de Lacy," she said.

"I've read the newspapers, and the thing that matters is not what's in the pages of the daily newspapers but focussing on making a difference to working families."

She says people are entitled to their opinions, but it is absurd to suggest she would challenge for the leadership.

"I read the newspapers, then put the newspapers aside and I get on with the job," she saide.

Ms Gillard has also laughed off comments made by Mr Rudd's brother, also published in The Australian today.

Greg Rudd says it is hard to say whether the Prime Minister has made Australia a better place because of the smoky haze of self-lit spot fires of distraction.


Naturally she will publicly stand by him, while quietly behind the scenes...?????

Interesting times.

Apparently, though, there were other members of the ffamily who warned against voting for Rudd back in 2007.

KEVIN Rudd may have persuaded enough voters of his worth to scrape across the line on Saturday, but they will not include some of his closest relatives. Mr Rudd's uncle, Kevin de Vere, after whom the Opposition Leader was named, and his cousin, Chris, have gone public to warn against a vote for Labor.


Former Queensland Labor treasurer Keith De Lacy says the party should dump Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as leader.

Mr Rudd was working in the Queensland Government when Keith de Lacy was treasurer.

Mr De Lacy, who is now chairman of mining company Macarthur Coal, says if Labor does not replace Mr Rudd it faces a decade out of power.

In an opinion piece for The Australian newspaper, Mr De Lacy writes the Prime Minister has become an "item of ridicule".

He says he regrets there is no alternative but to change the leader for someone who cares about Australia and the electability of the Labor Party.

Mr De Lacy says the federal Labor Caucus has little time to waste.

Some members of the Caucus have expressed concern about loss of support because of the conflict between the Government and the mining industry over Mr Rudd's proposed mining super profits tax.

But despite increased pressure from the industry and sinking support in opinion polls, Mr Rudd yesterday dismissed suggestions he was getting ready to compromise on the proposed tax.

The Westpoll published in the West Australian newspaper shows Labor's primary vote in WA has fallen to just 26 per cent compared with the Coalition's 52 per cent.

After preferences, the Coalition leads 62 per cent to Labor's 38 per cent.

The Westpoll surveyed 400 people compared with national polls which question more than 1,000 people.


Whilst I agree with the general tenure of these Polls, I question their

reliability. The Westpoll survey of only 400 people in WA could so easily be

way off the beam. The feelings against the Government, in WA, the mining

State, have never been so high, BUT, I would wager a small bet, that come

election time, the actual vote will fall within the range of 45% to 55% after

preferences. As an example; if you were to conduct a poll of 2,000 listeners

on the Allan Jones morning programme on 2GB, I would be surprised if the

result would be better than 10% Labor to 90% Liberal. An identical poll on

2KY, the Catholic workers programme, would probably return a result of 70%

Labot to 30% Liberal. The very fact that most of these polls are by telephone,

leaves out a lot of voters with no landline who would almost entirely be Labor


While I agree with innes on this one re the polls, I think Stephen Smith could be a future leader of the labor party.

We finally agree on something fwed. I believe that Stephen Smith is

outstanding, BUT he has 2 major impediments. He represents Perth

in WA & he is a Catholic.


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