Getting out and about in Moreton Bay

I am a senior but it appears to me that everything advertised is focused on a senior who is old, cannot exercise without supervision and certainly doesn't know anything about technology.

I have worked in high profile jobs and am computer literate. I want to know about some exciting outings where you can enjoy mixed company, preferably north of Brisbane - Moreton Bay Shire. I don't want to sit and make baskets and take part in 'craft' exercises!

Suggested activities:

Car pool trips to places of interest eg = Springbrook, Stanthorpe, Kingaroy etc..
Beach, barbeques, bushwalking, cycling, movies, theatre, restaurants...
Cheese and wine evenings.


Have you ever thought of taking up TAP DANCING. You sure need to use your brain and the physical side to it is exciting. Sure gets the heart rate going. I am in Melbourne and have been going to adult only classes for 15 years but I am sure there would be plenty of places in Queensland with similar classes. If you start as a beginner, you will be able to appreciate you progress as time goes by.

Join a U3A group.

A Google search for "u3a moreton bay" produces several U3As. Here's a listing of all the U3As in SE Queensland :

Go here to see our local one and the history of U3A :

Why not see if Probus have a local Combined Club. They are a lot fun and they have groups they would more than likely interest you.

Well. My opinion is that your computer skills and other admin skills would be very welcome if you volunteer . I have done this and it keeps the mind working and at the same time you are helping an organisation that helps others.

It is also very satisfying. So check out the Phone book and find somehting in your area.


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