Gen Y dole ban

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has confirmed that the Coalition is considering a scheme which could deny the dole to people under 30.

[quote]"There has got to be a system that encourages people to take up work where that work is available.

"I did notice my friend Warren Mundine suggesting some time ago that in areas where unskilled labour is demand that the dole shouldn't be paid and I think that's the sort of measure that we should be debating in this country."[/quote]

I would have thought that under the present system that people should have to apply for jobs to be eligable for the dole.
I agree that if work is available and the dole applicant does not apply, particularly where it is unskilled work, then the dole should not be paid to that person. But that should apply to those over 30 also.
We all know that there are dole bludgers aplenty and that problem needs addressing.


I think this is another of Abbott's policy on the run where he has had a rush of blood after ceasing his current sporting feat, much like his (over the top) 6 months maternity leave.

I believe the Dole 'work test' should be severely tightened up as Centrelink, being under resourced, cant physically check if the claimant has looked for work as claimed on their dole continuation slip. The Job Network is an absolute joke and should be closed.

Stopping the dole would sent crime through the roof.

One of Abbott's cohorts stated this am that Abbott was "only musing aloud" Oh boy :red:

As a further softening by the Rudd government toward Dole recipients, it seems now they dont even have to pry themselves off their backsides to present their Payment Continuation Forms at a Centrelink office, they can now do it online or by phone.

Now Ive heard of Dole recipients duping Centrelink by getting another person to lodge their forms while they are at work or heavily involved in leisure activities, but this makes it all so much easier!

What in the hell is happening here?

Just a thought Tanwin. If you look at the proposed plan attributed

to Tony Abbott, in political terms, it is a big potential vote winner.

All the dole recipients are going to be Labor voters & most older

employed people are going to look on the plan with favor. In other

words, it wont lose him a single vote but has the potential of winning a lot.


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