I have a Lilly Pilly tree planted in a pot. In Spring it looked pretty with lots of colourful young baby leaves. Over the last six months it has lost a lot of leaves starting at the trunk. I did find one catterpillar like insect but haven't discovered anymore. Do you think I should keep my fingers crossed for its recovery next Spring or buy another plant!!!


My Mum is an avid gardener and I have a lot of interest in plants as well. Lilly Pillys love to be in the earth, have no experience in the pot. I think your darling L.P. needs a bit of cutting back around now. Put a few garlic cloves in the pot to prevent the naughty pests. Cheers and all the best.

] bought the Lilly Pilly from a garden centre, it was quite well established. I put it in a pot to make a screen from my neighbours by our back doors. They are lovely people but thought it would give a little privacy to both of us. Down the garden the fence is low and we can still chat there. I think you might be right and will plant it in the garden. Have to find something else to go in the pot. I have heard of garlic stopping ants in their track so I'll take your tip aboard for future reference

Haven't been to the Gold Coast, live in NSW, but they say it has a very nice lifestyle! It's definitely Autumn here I suppose your weather is still lovely. Have a good day, many thanks, Marguerite


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