Furkids Safety Alert

The thought of what might happen to my dog  if something happened to me while I was out has occurred to me in the past I expect my daughter to be informed as she is the nearest to go get my dog but this idea is even better. I hope YLC won't mind me putting it up but this is one way to peace of mind. Worth reading the whole article.

Pet Emergency Wallet Cards - Made in Australia

My Pet is Home Alone CardPet Care CardPet Alert Card


The Oz Pet Safety Card is a credit card sized vital information alert for pets.

The pet emergency alert card fits perfectly in your wallet where it is easily accessible to authorities in the event of an emergency. The cards are sold and designed to fit seamlessly into your wallet.

Our pet wallet card is designed with space to list two emergency contacts for your pets.

The Oz Pet Safety Card will ensure that someone knows that your pet is home alone.

Printed on the highest quality card stock and sealed with cello glaze, these cards are designed to repel water and withstand normal wear and tear.

There is FREE SHIPPING on all of our Pet Emergency Wallet Cards – no hidden surprises at the checkout.

Find out more at Oz Pet Safety


Thanks for that Viv

An excellent idea !!!!

I've ordered myself some and passed it onto my friends :)

What a great idea -- not that I have any pets these days

Don't mind at all Vivity8/7/2007. It's a great idea and we may even feature it tomorrow.

Thankyou, Viv.  Will get onto this asap.  It will be good to have a neat card instead of bundles

of papers in my bag 'just in case'.


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