Free offer to Virus Concerned airline travellers who will require food and liquids on their flight.

There re increasing number of flifghts now. It's generally believed that infection spread in planes happens two rows in front and back of a passengers seat. There’s no way to be sure that your fellow passengers aren’t infected. If you’re sitting close someone or a passenger passes your aisle seat, that may not be very safe, because their air droplets will reach you before it gets filtered by the circulation system in the plane. Researchers say they cannot prevent direct transmission from adjacent passengers

Airlines are saying for the protection of passengers it’s critical to travel with their own mask and many carriers have now made it compulsory to wear a face covering in cabins. 

But how does a long haul passenger eat and drink while wearing a mask? Eating and drinking requires passengers to take off their masks.The problem on long haul flights is the need to take in liquids and sustenance. How will passengers stay protected and manage eating or drinking, when they have to pull the mask down?

Currently, if you are wearing a mask and or face shield, it has to be lifted or removed when eating and drinking and that exposes the wearer to droplets from people nearby. 

I have developed a specialty shield designed to offer protection against virus droplets from adjacent passengers while eating or drinking. 

It’s called FEADSMASK For Eating And Drinking Securely MASK.  

I would like to offer 2 FEADSMASKs  to passengers who a willing to give me an assessment, in a questionnaire by email. The FEADSMASKs are yours to keep.

It’s light-weight, easily assembled and disassembled as it comprises just two pieces, a shield and a visor that fit together with velcro.  There are assembly instructions which take seconds to connect and fit. It comes in a 25cm x 35cm drawstring carry bag. 

I will send you a FEADSMASK postal free within Australia.



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