Free flights !?

I notice Life Choices in their email are offering free flights to Japan

"If you’re one of the 10,000 tourists hoping to take advantage of the free flights which will be offered by the Japanese Government next year, perhaps you could combine it with a unique and comprehensive rail tour through Japan? Rail Plus’s 14-day Train Enthusiasts’ Guided Tour is an experience you will never forget and you’ll be sure not to miss any of the country’s highlights. "




OMG why would you want to go there when the place has had an eathquake every day--since the big one and is FULL of radiation due to the melt down and not at all safe.


Plan B


..Absoluterly I agree...............It is not one of my places to see at the moment and may never be ........." I still call Australia home "

IMO anyone would have to be a fool to travel there and the whole of the Nth Hem' is becoming unsafe due to the radiation---we will get it here in  time too and they are STILL importing food from there so be aware

Well, who in their right mind would expect to see FREE flights to a popular and desirable destination?  They have to try to revive their flagging tourist industry somehow...

Intersting info here--the diary is updated evry day==the other every week


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