franking credits for retirees


"Retirees who don’t like Labor’s tax policy are free to vote against it, the man who would be treasurer in a Shorten government has warned. 

An unapologetic opposition treasury spokesman, Chris Bowen, said on Wednesday Australia needs the revenue from its tax policy to fund “schools and hospitals”, and says he won’t shirk the fight.

Under Labor’s plan, cash refunds for low-income or zero-income retirees for excess franking credits from shares they hold will be abolished."

I will take your advice Chris!



Oh boy, they're getting dumber and dumber over in the Labor camp, hahaha

I cant see how this policy will help a Labor government if retirees divest their investments and claim full or part pensions etc it will create a greater welfare bill, severely limiting govt spending on other issues

Remember Julia Gillard saying "they dont vote for us anyway" well apparently their attitude hasnt changed

Labor thinks it knows better what to do with other people's money than they do.

Will any of this extra cash in the form of new taxes be given to the unions?

When the Gillard government gave $20m to the unions for supposedly leadership training and travel expenses, was that borrowed or from new taxes? 


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