France (and a small pub in Port Melbourne) may have the right idea

More than two million people in France have rushed to get vaccinated since President Macron announced restrictions against those not innoculated against COVID-19.

President Macron said "So far, shots are not mandatory for everyone, but starting in August, People will have to show a vaccine pass or negative test if they want any kind of social life - if they want to go to bars, restaurants, museums or get on a train"

Back in Melbourne, the Prince Alfred hotel in Port Melbourne offered a free beer to vaccinated customers which was praised by many (but not all). The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) shut the incentive down but have since backflipped on their decision and publican, Tom Streater has said that The Prince Alfred will continue the incentive once the current lockdown lifts. Cheers.



No one should be given free anything to have the vaccine.... if one does not get vaccinated, they should be in permanent lockdown!

Not everyone is medically fit to have a vaccine.

Not everyone is medically fit to be on this planet

I don't believe that people should be given free drinks etc. it is our duty to help stop this terrible pandemic.  I hope the pub owner in Melbourne is given the full force of the law and is locked down indefinitely with huge fines. None of the patrons were wearing masks.



Hi Sophie and Hola  it's called choice ! I've had both mine so technically I'm "safe" but as we all know this virus is SO unpredictable you just don't know so all we can do is take care do the sanitizer thing etc etc

Have a great day and. BIG hello from W.A 

No vaccines should ever be mandatory.

Just ask yourself - "what next"

If it is mandatory then the Government will be held responsible for any adverse affects. While it is still voluntary you cannot sue.

When we came to Australia as children we were all given the Smallpox Vaccine, no Vaccine, no entry. Everybody abided by the rules. What's different today?

Sadly some people do need incentives to do the right thing. -


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