.Forget The Canberra Bubble, Scott And Take A Look At The Country!

I'm a fan of the journalist Rossleigh from the Australian Independent Media.  I think he is very clever and very funny.  And yes I know the 'independent' tag could be open to debate, he is unashamedly left wing, but I like him anyway.   LOL.   This morning's missive gave me a giggle.

Forget The Canberra Bubble, Scott And Take A Look At The Country!

Answering a question the other day, Scott Morrison dismissed a journalist’s concern with the facts about the medivac legislation, because, well, nuances like the truth won’t matter outside “the Canberra bubble”…

But the thing about bubbles is it only takes one prick and they quickly disappear. And let’s be real here, the Coalition has plenty of pricks.


This morning much is being made of a bit of a poll bounce but let’s not forget the old adage that one swallow doesn’t make a summer and remember that, as politicians like to tell us, the only poll that counts is the one on election day. So let’s just forget about the recent week where Bill Shorten has taken a stand – only Bill Shorten if you listen to Morrison’s rhetoric – and this means he “lacks ticker”. Hey, isn’t that what Howard said about Beasley? If it worked then, it must surely work again…No, let’s look at how this will potentially play out.

As I wrote the other day, Morrison wants to discuss boats so every time we do, we’re playing into his hands, but let’s forget that for just one moment. Let’s play their game and take the things they say at face value. Let’s forget for one moment that this legislation has nothing to do with boats and refers only to people already on Manus and Nauru. Let’s forget that the only link between boat arrivals and the actual law change is the ones that Morrison and some in the media are keen to make.

Today Morrison will wave through a bill asking for a Royal Commission to be established into the disability sector. So when will they establish this? After the election, because they need to deal with the boats.

There’s a flood in Queensland. Forget about us giving you much help. We need to open Christmas Island detention centre because of the boats.

Energy prices? Well, we had legislation on the table but we can’t deal with it till after the election because of the boats.

Recommendations on the banks? We won’t be rushed; you can trust us to do something after the election because we’re the ones who called it. And boats are more urgent!

Climate change leading to rising sea levels? Forget it. We can’t worry about whole islands drowning when people might drown because of Bill Shorten. We need to stop the boats.

NBN not working in your area? It’s the boats we need to concentrate on!

Dry rivers and dead fish? Why, who cares about fish when a ten times that many boats are headed our way?

Change of leaders? Well, Malcolm wouldn’t have been able to stop the boats much longer becasue he supposed marriage equality. 

Another minnister behaving badly with a staff member. It was because he was worried about boats.

Poor retail sales? The boats. Low wage growth? The boats! Falling house prices? The boats.

It’s the boats, it’s the boats. It’s the boats!

And you must forget everything else and vote for me, because you need strong borders and you care more about that the things that affect you every day. 

Yeah, that should work.


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