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Hi, In mid July 2004 I had deep vein thrombosis. Was treated with Warfarin for nine months and since then have had no obvious problems. But, I am now afraid to fly! Last year, for the first time since the episode, I flew to Hobart from Perth, via Adelaide with absolutely no problems. BUT, I would like to do an overseas trip sometime in the next year, which will involve an 11hour non-stop flight. Could you please let me know what the latest thinking is on flying after having had DVT and what, if any, precautions I can take, apart from the obvious one of regular walking around or at least moving legs while sitting. Any information you can supply which may help me overcome what I am sure is a psychological barrier will be gratefully accepted.


This is something you need to talk to your GP about, or perhaps a Travel Doctor - there are usually a few of those in most cities. They could probably come up with some preventative plan which you could implement prior to flying.

A visit to you G.P. as Jacinta says is a must. You can buy simple things to take on a plane or anywhere even the car when travelling to exercise the legs like a plastic mat with bubbles and other things to exercise while sitting but also making sure to stand whenever you can every hour or so and better still walking a bit to keep the blood from stagnating.

There is usually a solution to most problems.

All the best


Hi, I've flown many times since my initial DVT (although admitedly I was only on warfrin for about 8 weeks). I have my flights socks (at one stage had to get more expensive ones due to bigger than normal calves). The left over hospital ones are too loose after many waskings to risk for the flight and hours after. I also usually have a prescription of Clexane (for long overseas flights) which I self inject. I also ALWAYS request an aisle seat, which makes it much easier to get up and move around the cabin frequently. One leg of my trip 3 years ago was 30 hours - but not a problme as result of taking all these precautions.

Happy landings



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