first time

never done this before but just wanted to chat to people who like travelling and like talking about it, well thats about it for this my first time

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Welcome to YLC cadi.

There are many here who like travelling. My next away trip is to New zealand in December.

I hope you keep posting and enjoy the meeting place.

thanks for the welcome sounds like this will be good

Welcome Cadi.  I've not travelled in some time, and then only within Australia.   But I hope you get lots of others comparing notes on travel.

Wecome Cadi,  are you traveling in Aussie or O/S

I have travelled  in Aussie but o/S as well, been to a fair few places but still 15 left on the list, thanks for the welcome

What are those 15 you speak of Cadie

Hi Plan B, my 15 things left are.this might be a bit boring, 1. machu pittchu 2 the gorillas in Africa, the ones where Jane Goodall were.3. the napali coast hawaii 4. big waves at waimea bay hawaii 5. british columbia north of vancouver 6. polar bears at churchill manitoba canada 7. las vegas playing golf.8 egypt 9. europe  10 meditteranean cruise 11 jordan and petra 12. trans siberian railway 13 europe in winter 14 rockies in winter 15 galapagos islands so thats it it looks a lot when I write it down like that!!

welcome Cadi always nice to know if we have a lad or a lassie, as for travel, if it took a quid to go around the world,  I couldn't get out of sight

I would rather give up food than travel, but not wine!

Hi Cadi, I also love travelling,I have travelled most of Australia and done 3 trips overseas,I cant wait to go again.Welcome to the site.Wobbly

Well I hope that you get you wish to travel those places Cadie

Welcome cadi,  I, like you, love my travel & have been to a few Countries.  I must admit to a level of shame that I have covered most of the East of Australia & never even been to WA let alone the Kimberleys, which my daughter tells me is the greatest natural scenery on Earth.

fwed, I don't know whether you have been to NZ before, but if you haven't, you will love it.  I will throw in a word of advice.  Make sure that you visit the North Island 1st.  It is absolutely magnificent.  Then when you get to the South Island, you will wonder why you wasted all that time in the North.

Definitely go to WA, it is so big,went for 4 months in a van this year and it rivals anywhere in the world

Welcome Cadi not much of a traveller myself except for 2 wonderful trips to Tassie--terrified of flying but happy when my feet are on terra firma.Love to hear about others travels--are you hiking,biking,busing or driving when you go?? Keep us informed please.

I like flying but HATE being in the plane when others are coughing and sneezing--and always end up with a cold or such, so I choose not to fly these days.  I don't know WHY when someone has to sneeze or cough they don't do it down the front of their clothes not hard just pull the neck of what you are wearing out and do it there--and at least you stop the germs flying all over the place--better than into your hand or your elbow

Same thing on public transport--nobody seems to have a hanky to cough or sneeze into and they usually sit behind me and cough onto the back of my neck---yuk!! On a plane you seem to be breathing recycled air with all the germs being spread around again!!!

I am lucky I haven't uesed Public transport since 1989--and that was just the once

Cadi have you done the River Murray Cruise?I have completed the full length of the River Murray in stage    Albury to Moama          Moama to Mildura

Mildura to Loxton            Wellington to Border Cliffs    Moulamein to Balranald

We stay at Motels over night and have lunch on the boat,traveling by boat you see the river Murray as it is, also I have done  the   Moulamein to Balranald   I have cruised the Edwards    Wakool     Murray  and the Murrumbidgee  rivers

these cruises are done by Spirit OFAustralia Cruises from Goolwa in South Australia

Never have done a Murray cruise, however in the last month I camped by the river on the way home from WA and the sun on the river at dawn was awesome

I just love travelling too. I have a few places on my bucket list. I would love to go to the land of my parents and siblings...Wales.

Also a journey through Mongolia to St Petersburg (The Hermitage) on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The Aurora Borialis (Northern Lights) by going the length of Norway on a Cargo Ship.Anyway thats my wish list.

Re: travel I am ready to go anywhere anytime. I have very itchy feet. 

Hi Rosie, I think Wales is the pick of the United Kingdom absolutely beautiful. As I said the trans siberian is a DEFINITE, in the not to distant future. It would take too long now but next time I will tell you about a trip i did along the coast of Norway.

Did you get to have a look at Moulamein Jesse?

I lived about 3 miles out of Moulamein on the Balranald side. The farm was on the Edwards river. They used to catch 100 lb Murray Cod in the Edwards on my uncle's property. That was around 1946-50.  I went to the Moulamein School. We used "Kero" lamps at home,  no running water other than the river,  no phones at that time, no doctors and  only a "Bush Nurse".  We got a "Kero" fridge around 1948  and my auntie thought it was "the bees knees".  We had a Hand driven separator for milk and cream  with my job every morning before going to school 3 miles away was to do the separating. I learnt to swim in the Edwards. Sometimes our horses would swim over to the other side. It was my job to swim over and round them up, 4 HUGE draft horses, well I was only a little fellow at that time.

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