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never done this before but just wanted to chat to people who like travelling and like talking about it, well thats about it for this my first time

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Helen  Spirit Australia cruises  do trips down the Murray River in stages from Albury  NSW  to Wellington in South Australia they cruise by day on the boats and stay at Motel  for Dinner  Bed and Breakfast these  are great trips I am their most travelled passenger 

Thanks for that information. I will check out the website & bookmark it in my "travel favourites" folder. We may meet up along the Murray one day!

Elderly lady living Port Macquarie wants a companion to share accommodation 

on Cruises or around Australia

In 2008 I did a coach tour to Sth America going to Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil & Argentina.  We did the usual things plus a few side trips too like getting up for breakfast at 5.30 to go to a local market for the locals, no tourists but us.  Macchu Piccu was lovely, scary ride up in the bus especially when having to back up to a corner to let another bus pass us!  I loved the walk through bird sanctuary on the Brazil side of Igassu Falls and the falls themselves were fantastic.  There was a heap of water the first day but overnight they`d had to open the hydro gates as there were terrible rain storms in the catchment and you should have see the falls then.  Also went to a Tango night put on by amatuers by the falls and that was fantastic better than the proffesional one in Buenos Aries.  My travel agent advised I go to the overseas medical centre and so had to have injections and got altitude pills, still got puffed very easily.  The highlight though was the boat trip on Lake Titiccaca to the floating Islands and actually being taken to one and walking around on it. Bloody fantastic!

Tathra, I am somewhat jealous of your South American trip.  I have always wanted to go there but the furthest I have been is to Mexico a couple of times.  The floating isles of Peru must be an experience.

I may be lucky but I have family and friends overseas who I can visit and stay with. I have usually taken the long road to get there and seen some truly magnificent places. Having such a "base" eases the budget a little and allows for wider ranging trips.

Not in any particular order, just as I remember them.

US, Japan, China (Yangtze before big dam), Thailand (inc Hellfire Pass), UK, Netherlands, South America (full length Amazon River, Lake Titicaca, Inca Trail), France (WW1/2 battle sites and cemetaries), Germany, Scandinavin and near countries, Russia (inc Nthn Siberia staying in local homes), NZ,  Middle East (inc Eqypt/Jordan).

I also include Australian War Memorial sites and cemetaries in my travels, as I will this October in Ypres (for the 2nd time) to honour a fallen WW1 relative. Couldn't find his name first time.

I'm away 12 weeks this time, mostly staying with friends - so time doesn't equal $$$$$ you would have to pay otherwise. Flights on QFF points.


I also went to Peru and Bolivia a couple of years ago.Lots to see and do as Tathra said. One of my highlights was a flight over the Nasca Lines.We then picked up a small cruise ship in Barbados and cruised down to and along the Amazon to Manaus seeing places like Devils Island along the way.

The ship only has a couple of hundred passengers and caters for the over 50's so we were amongst very friendly, like minded people. 

October we're off to pick up the same ship in Cuba and cruise down the east coast of Central America, through the Panama Canal and up the west coast.The drawcard for me was the chance to visit Chichen Itza.

Travel has never been easier and I'm always planning my next trip.

I am a newbie too Cadi. I am a 65yo woman and I love to travel. My husband doesn't travel so it is just me. I did have a fabulous trip to Penang a couple of years ago with my daughter and I am thinking of going back again this year. It is like a not as clean, much cheaper version of Singapore LOL and I love it.     Jenni

I love reading about everyone's travels. Such a broad range of interests. I'm so glad that the world is big enough for all of us!

Jessej - there is a lot of advertising at the moment about the Australian river cruises. I guess all the rain in the north-east has brought new life to the south-west rivers & it's a good time to go.

I have also enjoyed reading about South America - think I'm now too old for Macchu Piccu, but certainly enjoy hearing about it from other travellers - much better than reading a guide book! I will be cruising through the Panama Canal later this year which is the closest I will have been to South America.  

Helen I was 61 almost 62 when I went to Sth America.  The company I used is fairly well known and had a lot of helful tips to give me including the travellers medical clinic address to find out what I may need to do health wise.  Some of it I couldn`t do, one walk they went on I along with a couple of others didn`t do but stayed back at the hotel and at Macchu Piccu I did the general walk and information tour but didn`t climb right up to the top.  You do have to space yourself I`ll agree and you do need a certain amount of fitness I guess, I`m not that fit and had had radiation therapy about 6 months before this trip, but all I did to prepare was to take a lot of walks which really wasn`t a lot of help as there are no hills here where I live!  There was a lot to see and do that didn`t require a lot of fitness and I wasn`t the only one to not do some things, even the youngest on our tour, they were a couple in their 40`s, didn`t do any more walking around Macchu Piccu than I did and if the company is a good one their guides will always tell you about other stuff you can see and do, such as the walk 3 other and I did in the Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens.

Thank you for your wise words, Tathra. There are many elderly people travelling these days & good tour companies certainly do consider them. Have had several good experiences with that lately, including introducing the idea of a "slow walkers" group for shore tours on one of the river cruise boats - following on from the success when tried out earlier on another cruise. As you say, get as much fitness as you can, then be prepared to say "stop" to yourself when necessary. Yes, reputable companies with good guides are great & not difficult to find when you read others' reviews. I will be putting South America back on my travel "bucket list".

I am going on my first cruise Amsterdam to Zurich in April  any tips on clothing do I need "posh" stuff for the boat for evenings ? also do i need an adapter for my phone? and any other tips are welcome

Sounds a great trip at a good time of the year! I did that trip in reverse (from Zurich) last October. A few problems at that time of year with low water levels, but didn't really affect the cruise. Are you also going into the Moselle River? I thought that was the most lovely area I've ever been - misty in the mornings, extremely calm & with the best reflections - golden vineyards & riverside towns completely reflected in the river.

No specific "formal nights" like on the ocean cruise ships - just "neat casual" if you want to change out of your day wear after shore tours. Though some "dress" for the captain's welcome & farewell. The river cruise ships don't carry an entertainment crew, but use wonderful local entertainers who hop on board just for the evening. Adapters will depend on which ship you are sailing on - check the website of the company, there's always a helpful FAQ list.


Some more thoughts for you justjanet. There is some good information on the Cruise Critic website ( - the users are not at all critical, just helpful. Free to join up, then find the Message Board for Roll Calls. The River Cruises are the second on the list (All River Cruise Roll Calls). I had a glance through the cruises list but couldn't see a heading to match the information that you gave. However even if you see the same brand of ship there, you can ask a question in any of the groups.

Also, one of the brands gives free internet access on a computer in every cabin; the front desk on another, offers a helpful list of free community wi-fi spots along the route. As well as email, I always take my mobile to keep in contact with family & send & receive SMS messages (set to Telstra roaming) - about 30 cents per SMS that I send. I don't make calls! River cruise ships catering to Aussies often have one Australian type plug available in cabin (Scenic Tours ships have this).

Start browsing the river cruise area on cruise critic & see how much you have to look forward to!

Hi justjanet, I have not been on a river cruise on the Continent, but I can tell you that the boat will have 2 pin 220 volt system, so you will need a 3 point to 2 pin adapter that will run your computer/phone etc.  I think you will find the temperature very controlled on the boat, so just light clothes, on board.   BUT, it is starting to warm up in Amsterdam in April & you will find the daily range from about 3 C to 9 degrees Celsius.  As you get towards Zurich it will warm to about a freezing 5 C to around 13 Degrees Celsius.  1 tip.  Buy a local sim card when you get there.  Don't use your Australian Sim on roam.  Also, if you are at any Hotel over there, DO NOT be tempted to phone home through the Hotel Phone.  The rip off is scary, & legal.  Only contact home via email or Skype.  Enjoy your holiday.

Hello Fellow Travellers and thanks Cadi for getting the bowl rolling again. As an avid traveller you have all given me an enjoyable half hour reading through your postings which certainly give me itchy feet.

Firstly though Cadi, I encourage you to join YHA in Australia. By becoming a member this then gives you access to clean secure economical accomodation all over the world, no age limit, I have met a lady in her nineties staying with YHA still travelling in the UK. It also allows you to meet up with other likeminded travellers whilst you are away from home, exchange views, travel information and just make new friends.

YHA is slightly different from ordinary backpackers in that you are a member and your  photocard details are held on your arrival at a hostel  until you leave. I feel that this does give added security and others staying there seem to respect the included shared amenities. If you would like to know anymore please contact me.

I loved reading all your travel adventures everyone and it has made me eager to be off in July this year travelling from Dover UK up to Shetlands, Norway and Iceland across to Nova Scotia down to New York and through the Panama to Los Angeles by ship. I tried to find someone to share a cabin with as I have shared before and it has worked very well but everyone was busy doing other things so I decided to follow my motto of  Do It Now and have taken a single cabin.

Later in the year probably around mid September I would love to do the rivertrip that you all talk about,  Amsterdam to Budapest or visa versa, and maybe find another lady 65  plus to share with. Happy safe travelling everyone, keep your dreams




Hi Scallywag - seems as if we're on the same cruise! That's my itinerary exactly, except that I leave from Sydney in May! I enjoy solo cabin occupancy, but meet up with many new friends during the travels. Have you been reading the Roll Call for that cruise on Cruise Critic? There are about 6 groups boarding in Dover that are listed there. It's a fun group of "pre-friends" with some great hints. You're lucky that you don't have to worry about the visa for India! Would love to catch up with chatting in the Cruise Critic area, or the Facebook group before we go - my username on CC is "OZ-girl". Hope to "talk" before Dover!

Also, about sharing on the river cruises - many of the companies will try to match you with a fellow traveller - you don't have to accept their suggestion & you always make contact with the person first; if you've booked & they don't make a successful match, then you get the trip for the share price only.


I've got a thought about going to the Falkland Islands for a holiday.There could be more trouble there and it might nice to see it before anything happens.

The wildlife photography should be great. Anyone interested? My wife can't get time off.

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