First mangoes of the season hit markets

"The first mangoes of the year have hit the markets, selling for around $100 a tray.

The bulk of Australia's mango harvest is still months away, but consumers can now expect fruit to trickle in from the Northern Territory.

The first mangoes were picked from Leo Skliros' farm near Darwin.

He says he is happy with the quality and the price.

"The first trays are sitting at around $100 a tray, which is very good money, but not an indicative price of what we'll be averaging," he said."abc

It would be insulting to offer these mangos to the winner of the AFL tipping competition as they are priced so low.

Better is the original Bowen Mango pictured elsewhere on this site with the Mangoroo.

The world is watching.

Can Geo maintain his lead ?

Can Catsahoy get her tips in ?

Is the Bowen Mango safe ?

So many questions and so few answers ---- stay tuned


Just as important can the Dockers stay at the No.1 spot?

maybe Cats needs to re-register to be able to post on a new unrecognised computer?

cats could be top scorer for the week too, maybe Drew can re-register her?

so many what ifs?

lifes a worry vivity,    all these what ifs or butts,    have got back ,so alls well,   first thing i did was put footy tips in ,in case something else happened,lol,    will have to look,    i dont know how i went,  

Can we stop Gerry defrauding Cats ?? of miserable 2 points.

What are you talking about Abby - the rules are the same as last years in that a person who misses their tips can still get points but will not get more than someone who puts their tips in.


You are like a politician :)

All within rules LOL

thanks for being on my side ABBY,   but you know men and there 'RULES'      i saw what gerry wrote,  but couldnt get on site,   never mind,    just hope it doesnt happen again,   

$ 6.00 each here Gerry so a tray would be pretty expensive.


Abby when I was up in the Territory two weeks back there was not a mango to be seen.  My step daughter lives on 20 acres south of Darwin and has a mango plantation right next door.  

I was full of anticipation that I would get a good disappointed I was.  Not a mango in sight.


Mine are not yet showing any signs of blossoming but I usually have to wait till Gerry starts bragging.



The Bowen mang has been spotted

Apparently stolen by a Roo.

this fella claims innocence

Said to me "wots a mango ?

Burp burp"

Of course I beleive him and trust him - his name is Wally (not Tony)

Looks like a red green Bill 

The first tomato plants hit the shops in Victoria


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