Firies and scomo

Put this down somewhere safe AND write it on the wall to never be forgotten. Remember it when voting comes around, as I found there are a lot of brain damaged poeple out there who have exceedingly short memories.

Australia needs a national summit to address how the country should prepare for and resource bushfire emergencies in a changed climate, former emergency leaders say. It comes after the prime minister, Scott Morrison, rejected calls on Tuesday for additional help for volunteers. Asked how tens of thousands of volunteers were expected to continue without pay, Morrison said they “want to be there”. “What we’re saying long term is there needs to be a paradigm shift for how we deal with these fires,” said Greg Mullins, one of the former fire chiefs.

The above comes from the Guardian.

What the hell? These firies need not only our gratitude but the help they need. In case Scomo doesn't realise it, these guys and gals have been fighting these fires now for quite some time and they are bloody tired.

If whoever is reading this votes the friggin idiot back as a PM, you are as brainless as he is.

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I have come to the conclusion that although everyone is spot on with what they consider is our AWOL PM's description of character, we have missed one.

He has lost his moral compass.

Is there any evidence that he ever had one.  He has just anounced that Commonwealth Employees who are members of the volunteer firexservices will receive payments. If this was done by the LNP, he would rant about class politics.

@exPS & Regan. A true leader doesn't run away from a "Problem" to think. A True leader thinks before he leaps. The more you tried to defend ScoMo, the worse of the situation looks. His announcement of payment for Public Servants as fire volunteers has redeemed some of his credibility. At last, he listened to people. ScoMo doesn't need you guys to defend him because you don't know the real reason behind his refusal to discuss the fire urgency with the firefighters and supports to the volunteers.

Curious, I can't see where I have said anything that shows I am interested in defending the PM, I state my views based on what I see and how I feel.  My last comment was OK untill the first full stop and then it seemed to get itself tangled up, but I will own my mistake and confirm that people should not drinktoo much  and type.  luckily it only happens a couple of times a year.

As far as not knowing why the PM chose not to listen to experienced and proven fire fighters, my guess would be that he did not want to know anything that he would have to act on and sacrifice his magical non-surplus, he can now honestly state that he did not know how bad it was going to get.

His determination to pay Commonwealth Public Servants will not cost him much as I doubt many of them are involved in this crissis, but it does have great PR potential.  I would bet he new how much it would cost and determined it stacked up as value for money as a publicity expenditure.  He can now point the finger at the State Governments and ask what they are doing in order to take some of the pressure off himself.

I agree with your point about good leaders, people like Lincon, Churchill and Mandella, did not solve problems by denying their existence, they took action and responsibility for those actions at the risk of loss of power or the loss of freedom.

Churchill took breaks, but these were mainly to try and free himself from the clutches of the Black Dog, he did not take them however during the operations around Dunkirk, The Battle of Britain or D-Day.  The point I have allready made is, the PM knew he was making the wrong decision, this was born out by the secrecy around his trip, he was missing in action and knew it, he then compounded the error by pretendng concern for his family and for the families of brave fire fighters who did not leave the front to be with their families.



exPS, who wouldn't have a drink or so for this hot summer. It is OK, Mate. 

I wish you and yours a Happy and Safe New Year. All the Best.

Same wishes for you and yours.  Look forward to starting over in the new year.


"RE: I did not want to donate to any organisation which took out admin charges etc so I have gone to Westpac and paid direct to the NSW firies.

If you want to pay direct online here is the link.    "

Thanks for the link :)

Government deploys additional defence resources to help fight NSW bushfires

27 December 2019

Specialist defence personnel will be sent to advise NSW fire incident controllers at each of the 14 control centres around the state, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in a statement on Friday. Those personnel would be able to free up ADF resources such as bulldozers, bulk water carriers and troops for NSW firefighting use.

About bl###y time!

What he does is a gain on the roundabout and a loss on the swings.

I said before that to be in Government you must give away all common sense or you can't be elected to any ministerial position. No damn truer than the following two articles in the Guardian.

We are in a friggin severe drought, yet stupidity rules in a local council.

And Scomo doesn't even bother to honour his own election promises, noted on the second link below.


Whether you bellieve it or not, are religious or not, I am stating now as fact, this so called Pentacostal idiot is playing into the hands of the end time antichrist. He is like Hitler forcing the situation which is stated as being in God's time.

Well I am not staying in this country, I am opting out before it becomes a veritable damn nightmare. NZ here I come, as its not under Scomo dominion.

Beemee, you are not the only person to have those very thoughts, Australia used to be considered the best country in this regin, it has been relegated to second or third place based on the actions of a near fascist government.  A fascist government needs a cowardley or stupid population to flourish.  What has happened to the Australian people that they permit the government to run Concentration Camps, deny people their Human Rights and ignore the evidence of Climate Change in our name.

What would have happened in WWI and II if Australians had had the same look after ourselves and bugger everyone else attitude.

I am considering moving to NZ myself, need to act before their government closes its borders to Australians so that we can't pollute their culture and attitude of helping those who need it.


@Beemee. Thanks for the post. Don't you think, this country needs someone like you to bug the recalcitrant politicians, who can't think how to replace the revenue from selling coal and to balance the budget with revenue from cheaper renewable energy. Now the loudmouth from the National Party wants to advocate nuclear energy. It seems they can't think beyond anything other than digging into the ground. They don't want to have Reserve and Development to find the answers. We lost a hell of brilliant professionals to Europe, the UK, and USA. This drainage of brian power will be our downfall if we don't do something about it. How about it, Mate. This country must have been good to you, please don't desert it when it needs you most.

I would have to agree with you 100%, most of brilliant and manufacturing businesses have all gone overseas. We are left with a diminative gene pool. A mob of lower intelligent beings and the only spark of life is in those of the public who have no power to do anything about what is going on, yet do have incredible vision and can see what needs to be done.

I truly doubt if any of us if they could get into power, would ever back off or back down from anyone like the loud mouth with his veil threats. I am country born and bred, worked damn hard all my life and often took on mens work that they refused to do. I also learned at a young age of how to stand up for myself, and someone coming at me as a loud mouth, would get a shock as I would go louder by using a megaphone. (LOL) but I would rock their world as I can cuss worse than the average bear, wont take crap and will embarrass someone with my attitude.

Yeah I have a kind side too, need help, I will be there asap and and as early as you need me. But don't use me, as I am the person that Satan says "oh crap! she's out of bed". LOL


Unfortunatley people who have the ability and will to do good get voted in all the time.  They are soon swallowed up by the Party System and are forced into taking a Party line on everything they do or say.  Our political system is broken, controled by a few in each group who hold power, most who have never stood for election.

We are coming so close to a situation where our political system must be torn apart in order to start again from scratch.  Unfortunatley this will lead to an opportunity for even more corrupt forms of government to surface, but if we don't act soon our preset system will morf into one of those organisations anyway.

At a young age I was almost always the smallest boy in my age group, I learned that I had two choices, stand up for myself and take the odd drubbing or make myself even smaller and live in the shadows.  I didn't like the shadows so as a result I have never been afraid to stand up for what I thought was right.  Out of neccessety I have found myself fighting against the odds often, it only takes a few to take the innitiative to make great changes.  Courage has a snow ball effect.

Good on you, Beemee, my Mate.

I think the author of this article 'Rossleigh' has been reading my mail.  I can't even remember how many times I have been 'the one who gets the blame'.  It's just a bit of a laugh, though often true - sadly.

Oh, and sorry about the picture.  Like someone in the comments said, "Some things, once seen, can never be unseen."



Leonoie - Holy crap! Needs to lose weight badly. My husband is 79 and looks much slimmer and is more active physically and mentally than this pathetic beached whale. No wonder our gene pool is faulty and failing.

Scomo must be feeling the excess weight he is carrying because he seems to be doing things too slow for one who should be active at a much younger age. I actually saw paint dry faster than this clown in making a decision.

Ex PS - I agree. I have memories of the Premier AP of Qld in her address on becoming a candidate for that position. She spoke strongly about what she wanted to do, now elected and a few years down the track, we have a spineless wimp. She has been bought out, bribed, persuaded, conned an obviously paid off by big business or a whole lot of loud mouthed minsters. That brown lip stick from butt kissing Adani is wearing mighty thin.

None of these mongrels have a backbone, even the normally straight forwardand no nonsense Lambie has kow-towed to the mouth of the north and south. WTF has he got over her? Where is her guts to tell him to stop bashing the 6 and get on with the job. And his bribery needs to be fed to the bitch next door.

No I am not at all happy. This idiot PM has totally ignored the hard working Firies of SA, Vic, Qld and WA who had a battle just the same as NSW, yet he only wants to compensate NSW? What a useless black mongrel dog bastard.

By the time Scomo actually makes a decision, it will be too late, they will be fook all left of Australia worth saving. It will be a barren hole of lifelessness.



Ha ha, really enjoyed that Leonie and can identify with "the One". 

Yes, the problem with voting someone into office is that they become polticiansEven when this PM is forced to make the right decision, he syufgs it up by yrying to score political points.

So glad that our firees aren't politicians, half the country would be burnt by now if they were.

Picking a political party to support these days is like being asked to pick your favourite wife beater, you just have to settle for the one that will do the least damage.

Looks like we got it wrong last time.

Sydney Morning Herald:

re: Barnaby Joyce's "merry Xmas" twitter feed on Xmas eve:

Mr Joyce was a leading campaigner against the former Labor government's attempts to price carbon as a way to bring down Australia's emissions, claiming doing so would send the cost of a Sunday roast to $100.

Amid growing public anger against the Coalition's environmental policies, Joyce said he accepted the climate was changing but insisted the solution was to respect God, rather than impose a tax to limit emissions.

"Now you don't have to convince me that the climate's not changing, it is changing and my problem's always been whether you believe a new tax is going to change it back," he said.

"I just don't want the government any more in my life, I'm sick of the government in my life.

"And the other thing we've got to acknowledge is there's a higher authority that's beyond our comprehension - right up there in the sky - and unless we understand that it's got to be respected, then we're just fools, we're going to get nailed."


Watch the video on google for a good laugh. 


I am one that has a very LONG memory -- and said from the start we would be very sorry if this maggot got in -- and that goes for every one of the Liberal mob -- not a heart or an ounce of caring from ANY of them -- he is so full of hos own importance he makes me fume.

Not that I have much faith in the whole system.

Must say I have not read all the other comments and I am sure they are VERY interesting


Wow, just heard Andrew Forrest (Twiggy) has just donated $70m. on a bushfire recovery package for fire affected communities. Kylie Jenner also donated $200,000 to Rural Fire Brigades Assoc in Queensland. It will be interesting to see how much the total sum will be with donations, when the dust has settled. 

Yeah Twiggy Forrest $70m,Gina she donates privately,who to i wonder,this Gina what a snob.

Yeah Twiggy Forrest $70m,Gina she donates privately,who to i wonder,this Gina what a snob.

It would be quite a sum. But (there's always one of those), it depends who gets hold of it to dish it out. Worse case is if the Govt gets it, automatically half of it would go to Admin fees. Yep, this happened with the $444 million that stupid Turnbull handed over without permission from the Senate (if I read correctly), and so far without doing a damn thing for the reef they only half of it left, pleading Admin fees. How can that be? There are only 6 damn people on that board.

Yes if the Government could get their mitts on all these donations -- they sure will -- I hope they can't -- I do hope that all these donations are used in the right way -- to all these poor beggers AND of course the Wildlife, it sure is heartbreaking. 

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