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To the Person concerned,

I am a lady looking for a lady travel companion who is interested in joining me on a tour through Europe organized by Evergreen in 2015. 

It is a 21 day tour and I need a lady wishing to fly from Brisbane to Paris then join the cruise Amsterdam to Budapest then Prague then return to Brisbane next year in April.   

I have pre-registered with Evergreen as they have early bird deals which include free flights and 3 days in Paris before the tour and 3 days in Prague after the tour.

It has been suggested i try solo travellers as my husband and I cannot both afford to do this cruise due to having previous holidays in Canada New York and San Fran Cisco. 

It may be my last trip overseas due to the expense  but worth it for anyone who loves travelling.

Here is an outline of the cruise from Evergreen senior travellers Sara.  I hope to find someone interest as soon as possible due to early bird deals.  My email address is [email protected]

If you would like to pre-register for this tour it is $250 per person this is refundable up until the full brochure is released then you will need to pay your remainder of the deposit which would be $3750 per person.

Evergreen Tours

21 Day Paris to Prague April Departure

$8595 per person for the Tour price

$1495 per person for the Balcony Cabin upgrade Cat C

Both would receive fly free in Economy

So Approx Total per person would be $10,090, and you are both getting a fly free.

Remember with Evergreen Tours the $250 per person pre register deposit is refundable once the full brochure is released so if you are not happy with the final cost then you can choose to not proceed with the booking and get your $250 back.


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