Federal Budget

I can't believe that the Australian Government gives the following in foreign aid and cannot give the senior citizens of this country a decent pension so they can live a reasonable life in their twilight years.

The top six countries for Australia Government aid in 2007-08 (in millions of dollars)

Indonesia 458.8
Papua New Guinea 355.9
Solomon Islands 223.9
Vietnam 90.8
East Timor 72.8
Philippines 100.6
Cambodia 54.0

Indonesia doesn't even like us!!

I also came across this explanation of why Australia gives aid on the Global Education website.

"Australia is a rich country with values of care and compassion and giving others a 'fair go'.

Well, that sounds great but it doesn't ring true.

Shame on you Australian Government. Mr Rudd, next time you have a consulation with your media adviser on how to dress and look good when you are public speaking, think of the pensioner who can't afford to buy meat and vegetables for their dinner nor heat their home in winter. Looking good is not a priority for them, staying warm and having enough to eat is their priority.


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