Favourite holiday pics

Fluked a rare good one here, I just point and click, haven't a clue about photography.




Someone is feeding the birds at this holiday unit on Hamilton Island (not my photo) 


TooT --  They can be very destructive, my sisters' timber balcony was almost totally wrecked by these birds. They tried everything to shoosh them off. Vaseline on the hand rails, CDs hanging on the verandah, but then got a cat and that seemed to do the trick. That Broome photo is terrific. 

Thanks Hola, yes I've heard of them destroying woodwork on houses, the cat is a great idea, haven't heard of that solution before.


Have a great flight to LHR tonight

Hope you get a nice stewardess to tuck you in up there in biz class 

Sitting at Changi now boarding in 30 mins 

Safe trip mate

and cheers

having a wine at the Belgian pub at my hotel

In London great flight . Having wine at 9.40 in the morning in Eaton Square with Linda and friends . Love it . 

I love London .

Hey Brocky

Lovely spot

Regards to Linda

Love the Grovesnor hotel - stayed there a few years ago

Enjoy !!!

Not staying at Grovenor . But friend Linda . In Eaton Square . Funny but not tired . Going to the Naval and Military for lunch . 

Besides which my favourite hotel in London is Browns reminds me of Goodwood Park 



See whjat youre missing not flying Emirates 


Saloon-style: Emirates new onboard lounge bar on its A380 aircraft.

Etihad Airways' A380 offers a lounge and bar called The Lobby.

I had a little dummy and nothing would he say,

Until I pressed his little button, and off he'd go all day..

Image result for ventriloquist  and dummy clipart

Beutiful Spring day here in Old London Town . Wish I could post photos Toot but it seems the site doesn't like apple . 

So its 7.00 in the morning here . Sitting on a balcony overlooking Eaton Square One of the garden squares that London is famous for . 

Got my Daily Telegraph and The Times and Spectator . Coffee and berries with yogurt and settling in for a good read. 

Going for a walk later down Piccadilly, Leceister Square and Covent Garden then back along embankment Parliment Square Green Park and shop in Jeremy St. 

Good to be back....

I wish you could post some photos too, what a shame, would love to see the people walking by and that view over the balcony, never mind, good to know you are having a great time.

Eaton Square sounds like a very pleasant place to be Brocky.

Beutiful photo R&R Thanks

Don't forget to say hello to some of the residents of Eaton Square!

Image result for sitting on a balcony at eaton square

Your younger days Micha?

Ah those were the days, when I bummed around Eton Square and Belgravia. Now my son has his medical practice there. Let me know your address and he might look you up!

I understand you touting for business for your son , but I am well catered for thanks.

No need to tout business for him. London is run by Jews, he is Jewish, so plenty of clients. Besides, his fees might be beyond your reach!

I think there is a Jewish practice on Belgrave Square . You might have the wrong Square .Or Maybe Eaton place. 

hahaha, spent enough time with you and your fantasy "trip", see ya later. 

What a great day in London . Didn't get out of PJs until midday great morning overlooking the square reading . 

Spent the afternoon walking around the west end . 

Lovely company tonight at my friend Lindabelle place in Eaton Square with mutual friends .A little over the top now but not tired it's 11.55 here ..


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