Fans scratching their heads over Australian Open bottled water

Australian Open fans have questioned Tennis Australia's choice of official botteld water supplier at this year's tournament.


Her tweet has been retweeted more than 500 times and received more than 250 comments, one of which was from Senator Derryn Hinch, who said the deal was too good to refuse.

“In a universe where the deal was worth millions of dollars a year to Tennis Australia,” he wrote.

Tennis Australia claims the Australian Open is a global event with “a long history of partnering with international brands” and Ganten water has long been associated with other major tennis and sporting events.

“The Australian Open continues to expand its global reach and partnerships, which helps to grow the sport at all levels in Australia.”

The twitter post has sparked controversy and some salient points.

“The current outrage about Chinese bottled water being sold at the Australian Open is quite an amount larger than the days when Evian was the ‘official water’,” Preston Towers wrote on Twitter. “No prize for guessing as to why that would be.”

“Idea for next year: Ditch the one-use plastic, provide water fountains and if people don’t bring their own drink bottle make them buy one,” Alexandra McKiernan wrote.

“No need to buy bottled water. BYO container and use fountains,” Sarah Banks wrote.

Would choosing a local supplier help to grow our economy as well? What do you think of this deal?



Attended a multitude of sporting events and never bought bottled water. A risk buying water from China. Be safe take your own.

Buying water from CHINA!!!!! is madness, it has been public that they have NO good  clean water.


Absolutely! Anyone who buys water from China cannot complain if they end up poisoned! After all, even the people over there don't trust even Infant Milk as it contained melamine.

The officials ,ball boys and girls, volunteers and players all drink it .

must be good for you 

usual storm in a teacup 


The point is it is IMPORTED, IE from outside Australia when we have local water available., knuckle head.

It’s called marketing and revenue raising knucklehead

the Chinese are paying Aus Open to advertise their product .

more overseas money spent in Australia , knucklehead 

I suspect a quid pro quo. The organisers sold out for something they needed more. That's life. 

It's pathetic that Autralians cant' being their own bottle of tap water with them. Australians are  lazy.   Stop giving your money to China and every other country except Australia. 

But they want to be able to buy bottled water so they can complain they can't afford a house!

"“Idea for next year: Ditch the one-use plastic, provide water fountains and if people don’t bring their own drink bottle make them buy one,” Alexandra McKiernan wrote."

which will be helpfully provided by a Chinese manufacturer?

And don't forget that Australia has sold off water rights to the Chinese, so who's to say the 'offending' water is not Australian anyway?

What's the problem if the water is from local sources?. No matter what we buy we will never know who owns the producing company.So, bring your own water.

FHS we are trying to do away with PLASTIC -- any fool that pays more for water than petrol are dead heads -- and very inconsiderate 

You can see any day in supermarkets, people buying loads of bottled water. I'm at a loss to understand why? One lady in front of me bought 48 bottles and could hardly push the trolley. Maybe she has a small shop and is reselling them for a great profit. 

Why the hell buy bottled water at all -- I use my Tap water with my own carry about container I have had for many years


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